Pro-Ag urges Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board to raise premium

Arden Tewksbury
Manager of Pro-Ag
Arden Tewksbury

Citing the fact that Readington Farms of Whitehouse, NJ has raised their premium again to $1.50 per cwt. (hundred pounds of milk) to all of their dairy farmers in Pennsylvania, therefore, we urge the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board to consider raising their premium from 75 cents up to a level that equals the Readington premium.

Pro-Ag manager Arden Tewksbury said that during 2017, Pennsylvania dairy farmers were underpaid $500 million, and this underpayment will be surpassed in 2018.  
The loss to Pennsylvania dairy farmers in 2017 caused a $2.5 billion loss to the Pennsylvania rural infrastructure.

This kind of underpayment to our dairy farmers is not the fault of the PMMB, but the blame squarely belongs in Washington DC, as neither the US Congress nor the USDA is willing to tackle the real problem facing dairy farmers.  We strongly feel the inadequate pricing formula used by the USDA to price milk to all US dairy farmers is totally inadequate.

The Pro-Ag manager said the PMMB has always tried to treat dairy farmers fairly; however, the PMMB is limited as to what they can do to help Pennsylvania dairy farmers.

Tewksbury said, the people that have been criticizing the PMMB could use their efforts to help correct real problems for dairy farmers that still exist in Washington DC.  

We urge the PMMB to consider raising the Pennsylvania premium to a higher level.
Pro-Ag can be reached at 570-833-5776.