MADISON - From Jeff Lyon, general manager of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative.

“We are encouraged after FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb affirmed that the labeling practices of many plant-based dairy imitators has been violating federal standards. Our comments are being heard, as FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative has been focusing on this issue for quite some time.

Surely, consumers understand that plants don’t lactate, but they are being lead to believe that non-dairy alternatives are comparable when it comes to nutrition, and that is simply not true. Dairy imitators actually lack any consistent nutritional profile, whereas real dairy products consistently have the same nutrition and are a proven valuable part of any diet.

We are optimistic that the Food and Drug Administration will heed these concerns and begin enforcing their labeling standards in the near future. While these products have their place in the marketplace, they certainly don’t compare to the nutritional package you can always find in a glass of milk.”

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