Americans For Farmers & Families react to China’s new tariffs on $34 Billion of American products

Wisconsin State Farmer
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WASHINGTON D.C. – Americans for Farmers & Families (AFF) spokesman Casey Guernsey issued the following statement on July 6, subsequent to China’s decision to impose tariffs on $34 billion of U.S. exports: 

“China dealt its latest blow to American agriculture today with threats of even more tariffs on the horizon. Following Canada’s tariffs on U.S. products earlier this week, America’s farmers and families are staring down a dark path with no signs of relief in sight. 

“For those questioning whether or not retaliation hurts our workers, consumers and job creators, look no further than the front page of your local newspaper. On Monday, my hometown paper, The Kansas City Star, wrote a piece entitled ‘In A Trade War, Everyone Loses. What Trump’s Tariffs Mean For Missouri.’ The takeaway from each local leader quoted was crystal clear: Our livelihoods and the strength of our economy are at stake. 

“In neighborhoods across the country, people are rightly sounding the alarm – not just for America’s food and agriculture, but for every sector of our economy. History has shown punitive tariffs only lead to fewer opportunities – opportunities we cannot afford to lose. 

“With the lowest farm income in 16 years and our largest markets for agriculture products now reducing their imports and purchasing goods from our competitors, we are counting on the administration and Congress to reach a resolution on responsible trade policies – before we’re forced to shut down our operations for good.”