National Farmers Union urges new approach to establish fair trade

Wisconsin State Farmer
National Farmers Union

KANSAS CITY, MO – National Farmers Union’s (NFU) Board of Directors urged President Trump to adopt a new, positive approach to establishing fair trade relationships with U.S. trading partners, on March 7.

The organization, a longtime “fair trade” proponent, is concerned the administration’s tactics threaten U.S. relationships with top trading partners and, consequently, the ability of the country to establish fair trade policies.

On the heels of newly proposed, universal tariffs on steel and aluminum imports, the NFU Board released the following statement:  

“Farmers Union, first and foremost, wants to ensure family farmers and ranchers benefit from fair trade relationships with our trading partners. Our members are severely disadvantaged by our current ‘free trade’ agenda that has amassed massive trade deficits and shipped away our sovereignty.

“While Farmers Union appreciates President Trump’s stated intent to fix these problems, his tactics to this point have insulted and alienated our closest trading partners. Instead of focusing on specific countries who are dumping or otherwise violating trade rules, the administration is proposing to sanction the entire world, which adds more volatility to already disturbed trading relationships.

“The National Farmers Union Board of Directors strongly urges President Trump to adopt a positive, proactive approach to establishing a fair trade framework that benefits family farmers, ranchers, and rural communities.”