Buy from local farmers markets

Wisconsin State Farmer
Supporting local farmers, helps support  local communities, because farmers are consumers who will put the money earned back into the local economy.

Dear Editor,

Do you know how your food is produced or how far your food travels to make it to your dinner plate? It is shocking to know that, on average, your food travels more than 1500 miles. So you may ask, “What is the problem with food that has traveled across the country?”

Here are a few reasons why you should visit your local Farmers Market and buy local.

  • Food, such as salad greens and more, are produced in California, so they travel over 3,000 miles to make it to the East Coast.
  • Produce, such as tomatoes, are picked when they are unripe and gassed to ripen while they are being transported.
  • Locally grown food actually tastes much better because it is fresher. Food that is grown locally does not have preservatives sprayed on it to ripen or to try to keep it fresh while in transport.
  • Beef is gassed to keep it looking red and appearing fresh. Irradiation is used to preserve the meat, so that it will not spoil as fast.
  • Get to know your farmer at the Farmers Market. Ask questions about the growing habits on their farm. Do they raise “conventional,” or are they organic? Do they use heirloom, hybrid, or genetically modified seeds? Do they use conventional or organic sprays?

There are great Farmers Markets springing up all over. Stop by and check them out. Try their products and see if you can tell the difference in the way they taste.

Every dollar you spend at a Farmers Market helps that farmer to stay in business. By supporting the local farmers, you are supporting the local communities, because, in the long run, the farmers are consumers also and will put the money that they have earned back into the local economy.

Help Farm Women United Fight the Food Fight! www.farmwomenunited.org. Remember to buy local, because “No Farmers, No Food!”


Tina Carlin, Executive Director Farm Women United