Wolf Patrol leader denounced, still helps with wolf tracking program

Wisconsin State Farmer

One of the few groups in the State of Wisconsin that opposes wolf population management has publicly denounced Rod Coronado and his Wolf Patrol in a statement published on their website.  

The Wolves of Douglas County Wisconsin state they “cannot support Wolf Patrol because of public accusations of sexual assault of one of its female patrol members and recent videos of aggressive confrontations between them and hunters.”  

The sexual assault accusations come from a young lady who joined the Wolf Patrol in 2014. In her 2016 interview with Earth First, the victim tells the story of the abusive relationship, sexual assault, backlash, and victim blaming by Rod Coronado with the Wolf Patrol. The most recent aggressive confrontations between the Wolf Patrol and hunters resulted in the Wolf Patrol’s cameras being collected as evidence by the sheriff's department.  

Despite the sexual assault accusations and the aggressiveness towards hunters, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources allows Coronado, a convicted felon, to participate in their winter wolf tracking and summer wolf howling surveys as part of the wolf tracking program.  

At this time it is unknown if charges are being bought against Rod Coronado and the Wolf Patrol for sexual assault or for violations to Wisconsin’s hunter harassment laws, or if the Wisconsin DNR will continue to allow Coronado to participate in the wolf tracking program.

Matt Lallemont, Tomahawk