NRA applauds passage of mentored hunting bill

Wisconsin State Farmer
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FAIRFAX, VA - The National Rifle Association applauded Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker for signing Assembly Bill 455, which allows Wisconsinites of all ages to take part in Wisconsin’s mentored hunting program.

“Hunting is a time-honored tradition for many Wisconsin families. With passage of this bill, that tradition will continue to flourish and grow,” said Amy Hunter, Wisconsin spokesperson, NRA-ILA. “Now, families can decide for themselves when to begin teaching the joys and responsibilities of hunting to the next generation.” 

Previously, Wisconsin youth were required to be 10 years old before they could go hunting with a mentor. This bill eliminates that age requirement. Now, parents can decide at what age they introduce hunting to their children.

Under AB 455, youngsters are still required to be with an adult when hunting.

AB 455 will also allow mentors and apprentices to both carry a firearm or bow while hunting. 

“Hunting is a regular way-of-life for many families, and there is no reason why the government should dictate when and how parents introduce their children to the sport. This bill is a wonderful step in preserving and advancing America’s hunting heritage,” Hunter concluded. 

AB 455 passed both the state Senate and Assembly with bi-partisan support.