Chilton - With the official arrival of spring on Monday, Mar. 20, images and thoughts about the natural world around us are often stimulated. Sometimes they're put into words and song.

Such is the case for “Light on the Land,” a song composed by Steve Hazell of Oshkosh. To set the tone for the annual event, he appears every year at the Toward Harmony with Nature conference on the last Saturday of January in Oshkosh. The lyrics for one of the songs he shared this year are:

“Morning is arriving, light on the land. Scarlet sun arising, a new day at hand. Green life is stirring, reaching for the sun. Leaves are unfolding, the new day begun.

Raindrops are a'leaving home in the sky. Earth is receiving the water of life. Running in the river, resting on the pond. Soaking in the soil, moving on and on.

Morning is rejoicing, sun is shining bright. Earth is enjoying welcoming the light. Sunlight and water, seeds in the ground. Calling out to heaven, heaven all around.

Sing a song of life for the world we share. A prayer of thanks for all we have. Keep this thought in mind through the changes you make. Let your touch be light on the land.”

May those words inspire a celebration of the arrival of a new growing season and serve as an appreciation for what nature provides.

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