It's not milk

Joe Schmitz
Ag is a global market

So much for common sense: If Nicole Begowettie had her way, we also would be allowed to label Tang as orange "juice" (Dairy Pride nothing to be proud of, Jan. 20).

Talk about confusing. In her comments about the Dairy Pride bill, she contends that "the real goal of this legislation is to increase dairy consumption by confusing consumers and countering consumer preferences."

Is that so? Are consumers clearly informed when they pick up a carton of almond "milk" and try to discern the exact percentage of almond extract it contains? Do some simple research and discover that only about 2 percent of the aforementioned nut with the rest being a mix of water, thickeners and other flavoring. A much more misleading message if you ask me.

The real goal of this legislation is to prevent companies from ripping off the milk label in branding and marketing their product as something it is not. The assertion that almond and other plant-based drinks are milk is not only misleading, it's just nuts!

Joe Schmitz, Wauwatosa