Nelson an advocate for people and state of Wisconsin

Wisconsin State Farmer
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During my six years as Supervisor on the Outagamie County Board, I worked with County Executive Thomas Nelson on many matters related to the services of the County. I can say with great certainty that Tom Nelson cares deeply about the people of our area and the State of Wisconsin. He has spent countless hours working with all of the constituents in this area and understands the difficult decisions that must be made to move our area forward.

Tom Nelson is now running for the U.S. House of Representatives from the 8th District in NE Wisconsin. I urge you to vote for Nelson based on his significant accomplishments in working with the County Board. Here are a few examples of his many accomplishments.

Outagamie is one of only four counties in Wisconsin to maintain a Aaa financial bond rating and has maintained this rating through some of the most difficult financial conditions in decades. Nelson promoted area economic development by expanding airport services for use by individual travelers, local businesses and now provides international flight services as Appleton International Airport (ATW). Bike trails have been expanded in the area to improve tourism and recreational opportunities for all families.

In the current political climate, the public sometimes thinks that we should elect inexperienced candidates. Contrary to this opinion, we should instead elect experienced people that have been effective in getting things done at the local level. Nelson has proven over and over again that working with all constituents is how to get things done at the local and state level.

Please vote for Thomas Nelson as our U.S. House Representative and send a message that we want effective and experienced leadership.

Jerry Iverson

Appleton, WI