DBA endorses Duffy and Kind for re-election to Congress

Wisconsin State Farmer

Green Bay — The Dairy Business Association announced its support for U.S. Representatives Sean Duffy and Ron Kind in their bid for re-election to Congress in Wisconsin’s 7th and 3rd District respectively.

Duffy's 7th District is the top milk-producing district in the state and fourth-highest in the country. Dairy farming is central to the area’s culture and economy. Farms in the district play a major role in supporting their local schools, roads, businesses and overall community.

Rep. Sean Duffy

“Representative Duffy has been a supporter of Wisconsin agriculture and our dairymen since he was first elected to the House,” said Jerry Meissner, a dairy farmer in Chili in Clark County, located in the 7th District.

Duffy, R-Wausau, continues to fight for job growth and economic prosperity through responsible fiscal and regulatory policies in Washington, Meissner said.

“Mr. Duffy understands that government’s role in providing a stable regulatory environment is most conducive to farmers’ and businesses’ ability to succeed,” he said. “The congressman has been instrumental in keeping our regulatory agencies in check and accountable to the farms and businesses in our country.”

Duffy has also taken a pragmatic position regarding the labor needs of farmers, Meissner said.

“While much work must be done to secure our nation’s borders, it also makes sense for there to be some sort of legal path for dairy farmers to bring in temporary foreign workers to fill job vacancies that they cannot fill with native-born employees,” Meissner said.

Kind’s district in western Wisconsin has a strong agricultural heritage and ranks among the top 10 congressional districts in terms of milk production. Dairy farming and other agricultural activity are the backbone of the district’s economy. Congressman Kind has consistently acknowledged the importance of agriculture to the area.

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind

“Representative Kind always has been one of the best advocates for not only the dairy community, but for all of Wisconsin agriculture,” said dairy farmer Paul Fetzer of Fetzer Farms in Elmwood, located in the 3rd District.

During Kind’s tenure in the House, he has authored specific legislation and supported policies to enable the dairy community in Wisconsin to grow and succeed, Fetzer said. Most recently, Kind played a large role in promoting international trade and access to global markets for Wisconsin dairy foods in supporting the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) and Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). He also has been a major proponent of digesters and biogas technology as a viable option for agriculture’s renewable energy needs.

“Congressman Kind has demonstrated his commitment to Wisconsin agriculture and dairymen through being a strong proponent of the TPA, while most of his Democratic collogues opposed it,” Fetzer said. “And he continues to call for the opening of new markets to trade our products around the world.”

“We are proud to support Ron. He is a leader who is dedicated to understanding and resolving the issues and concerns farmers have,” Fetzer said.