DBA endorses Ryan for re-election to Congress

Wisconsin State Farmer


The Dairy Business Association today endorsed U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan for re-election to represent Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District.

The Wisconsin dairy community has grown to generate economic activity of nearly $44 billion annually, while agriculture as a whole provides more than 10 percent of jobs in the state. Wisconsin is recognized as a global leader for dairying due to its innovative farmers, forward-thinking owners of related businesses, and safe, wholesome food.

Ryan, the House speaker, continues to play an integral role in this success.

“Speaker Ryan has proven to be a tireless leader for our country as well as dairy farmers in Wisconsin, and my family is proud to support him in this election and in Washington,” said Keith York, a dairy farmer in Lake Geneva, located in the 1st District.

Congressman Ryan has shown his support for the dairy community throughout his tenure in the House of Representatives. He continues to be an advocate for the issues dairy farmers face as stewards of the land and dedicated business owners, York said.

As a leader of the House, Ryan has advanced numerous bills aimed at empowering business owners, reducing unnecessary regulatory burdens and ultimately ensuring that farmers will remain competitive in the global economy.

“We are very fortunate to have a leader of his caliber from Wisconsin,” York said. “He shows great motivation for pulling both sides of the aisle together to work to advance favorable policies for the betterment of our economy and nation.”

Most recently, Speaker Ryan has pushed toward increasing farmers’ ability to access the rapidly expanding global markets. He also recognizes the dire need for workable reforms to our failed immigration system, which will allow our farmers to adequately staff their farms, said DBA president Gordon Speirs, a dairy farmer in the state.

“In addition to advocating for specific issues affecting Wisconsin dairymen, such as improved trade links, a sufficient labor supply and more reasonable regulatory oversight, Mr. Ryan has continually been able to pass legislation that advances our ability to succeed as business owners,” Speirs said.