DBA endorses Grothman for re-election to Congress

Wisconsin State Farmer


The Dairy Business Association today announced its support for U.S. Rep. Glenn Grothman in his bid to continue to represent Wisconsin’s 6th Congressional District in Washington.

Grothman, R-Fond du Lac, has represented the residents of the 6th District since 2015. Prior to that he served in the state Legislature for 22 years. During his time in the state Assembly and state Senate, Grothman was a reliable ally of dairy farmers throughout the state, even though his district was largely suburban. In contrast, the 6th District cuts a path through east-central Wisconsin that contains some of the state’s top milk-producing counties.

Grothman is known for seeking level-headed regulatory approaches that Wisconsin farmers and the businesses that support them are grateful for, said Cindy Leitner, owner of LDS Inc., a dairy equipment and supply company in Chilton, located in the 6th District.

“Those kinds of policies provide farmers with the certainty they need to maintain and develop their farm and business, so the dairy community can continually help grow our local and state economies by providing more jobs and investing in our communities,” Leitner said.

Congressman Grothman has represented Wisconsin dairy farmers’ interests in Washington by being a leader in protecting our ability to create safe and nutritious food, said Gordon Speirs, a dairy farmer in Brillion and president of the DBA.

“Grothman continues to campaign for reasonable federal regulations,” Speirs said. “He has been a strong backer of delegating authority down to local or state levels to better address issues rather than imposing top-down restrictions and policies that are unworkable region to region.”