Pro-Ag gives testimony at the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board Hearing

Wisconsin State Farmer

A guest editorial by Arden Tewksbury.

Arden Tewksbury, manager of Pro-Ag, testifies at the September 7 hearing of the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board in Harrisburg, Pa.

Arden Tewksbury, Manager of the Progressive Agriculture Organization, urged the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board to continue the over-order premium on fluid milk produced and used in Pennsylvania.

Tewksbury further commended the Board for their dedicated efforts in helping to provide some additional funds for the dairy farmers in Pennsylvania who qualify for the premium.

The Pro-Ag manager was involved with the original concept of the premium.  However he has always warned that the premium will never solve the real problems facing dairy farmers and he urged everyone to work together to solve the financial mess being experienced by the majority of dairy farmers across the United States.

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