Sr. 3-year-old wins WI Jersey Spring Spectacular

Colleen Kottke Associate Editor
Now Media Group


A senior 3-year-old Jersey, Zumach Eclipse Rosa, took center stage at the 18th Annual Wisconsin Jersey Spring Spectacular, April 30 in Viroqua, when she was named intermediate and grand champion for owners Eric Lane and David Koss, Epworth, IA. Judge Roger Turner also tapped the Jersey for best udder honors.

Turner judged 111 animals during the event.

Earning open show reserve grand champion honors was Woodmohr Jerseys of Bloomer, with aged cow GB Jce Diva. Woodmohr Jerseys also showed the honorable mention grand champion Woodmohr Pure Delight-ET. The aged cow was also tapped to receive the title of best bred and owned in the class.

Jon and Wendy Schmidt's high placing animals helped Woodmohr Jerseys earn both the sought after Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners.

Woodmohr Jersey's senior 3-year-old Partee Comerica Pixie earned reserve intermediate champion honors in the open show while Fedestel Tequila Wendy of Gil-Bar Farm finished the day with honorable mention honors.

Woodmohr Jerseys also topped the open class in the senior division with aged cow GB Diva of Woodmohr. Another aged cow owned by Woodmohr Jerseys —Woodmohr Pure Delight-ET — earned a runner up finish in the championship drive followed by honorable mention winner 4-year-old Esperanza Kia owned by Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison.

Recognized as the junior and open champion in the Junior Show was Esperanza PT Reece, a fall yearling bred and owned by Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison. Ashley and Holly Oberreich, Scott Stanford and Ed Burdette won reserve junior champion honors as well as honorable mention in the open junior championship class with spring yearling Ratliff A Star Dani. Honorable mention in the junior show went to Smokin Hot Gunman Anasi shown by Austin T. Nauman.

Austin T. Nauman also finished as reserve junior champion in the open division with his summer yearling, Smokin Hot Lightning Strikes.

In other junior competition, senior and grand championship honors went to 4-year-old Esperanza PT Kia shown by Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison. The 4-year-old also won the Best Bred and Owned of the junior show. The trio was also named premier exhibitor of the Jr. Show. Another 4-year-old, Overdose Stowe Malori shown by Daren, Kaye and Koe Dosemagen and Mitchell Schleicher, earned reserve grand and senior champion honors in the junior show. Honorable mention in the senior division was awarded to Brandenburg Louie Dutchess Duke, a junior 3-year-old shown by Olivia Brandenburg.

Top class placings:

Winter Heifer (12 shown) - Edgebrook Gentry Stilletto, Amber Black and Jason Steinlage; Kyles Power Stroke Hilda, Kyle Barlass ( bred and owned); Avon Road Tequila Sprint, Iris Quinlan and Skyler Strandberg (1st jr. and jr. bred and owned).

Fall Heifer (13) - Do-N-Joy Roman Secret, Tony Kohls (bred and owned open); Day-Kel Red Path Kalahari, Holly Oberreich (1st jr.).

Sumnmer Yearling (14) - Smokin Hot Lightning Strikes, Austin T. Nauman (bred and owned); Smokin Hot Gunman Anasi, Austin T. Nauman (1st jr. and bred and owned).

Spring Yearling (14) - Ratliff A Star Dani, Ashley and Holly Oberreich, Scott Stanford and Ed Burdette (1st jr.); Stadview Impression Breeze, Ellen Harth.

Winter Yearling (6) - Cold Run Ladd Bee Grand ET, E. Burdette, C. Krohlow, A. Oberreich, Grace Fremstad (1st jr.); Gil-Bar Maz Nellie, Gil-Bar Farm (bred and owned).

Fall Yearling (10) - Esperanza PT Reece, Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morison (1st jr.) bred and owned jr. and open; Schlecht MM Secret Shayka, Kari Schlecht.

Unfresh 2-year-old (10) - Woodmohr Bella Fur Eva, Woodmohr Jerseys (bred and owned); Brinks-Acres MVP Merry, Jasmine Brinkmeier (1st jr. and bred and owned).

Junior Best Three (2) - Gil-Bar Farm and Stadview Jerseys.

Junior 2-year-old (10) - Fredestel Tequila Wendy, Gil-Bar Farm, best udder; Norse Star Frontrunner Makala, Norse Star Jerseys, (bred and owned open); Esperanza GA Vision, Sammy Allen (1st jr.).

Senior 2-year-old (3) - K&K Blackstone Pearl, Randy Drinkall Family, (bred and owned open, best udder); Birchflat Comerica Harmony, Ellen Harth (1st jr., bred and owned jr.)

Junior 3-year-old (5) - Woodmohr Jackson Lillian, Jim Brown, best udder; Brandenburg Louie Dutchess Duke, Olivia Brandenburg, (1st jr., bred and owned jr. and open).

Senior 3-year-old (8) - Zumach Eclipse Rosa, Eric Lang and David Koss, (best udder); Gil-Bar Farm Erin, Gil-Bar Farm, (bred and owned open); Esperanza Sultan Mani, Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison, (1st jr., bred and owned open).

4-year-old (10) - Esperanza PT Kia, Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison, (best udder, 1st jr., bred and owned open); Woodmohr Verbatim Fame, Woodmohr Jerseys.

5-year-old (2) - Woodmohr Prime Destiny-ET, Woodmohr Jerseys, (best udder, bred and owned open); Avon Road Reagan Spring-ET, (1st jr.).

Aged Cows (6) - GB Jace Diva of Woodmohr, Woodmohr Jerseys, (best udder); Woodmohr Pure Delight-ET, Woodmohr Jerseys, (bred and owned open); Avon Road Comerica Shannon, Iris Quinlan and Skyler Strandberg (1st jr.).

Senior Best Three (2) - Wendy and John Schmidt-Bloomer; Hope, Tanner and Peyton Morrison.