Tequila dominates Red & White Show

Carla Gunst
Now Media Group


'She demands your attention when she comes into the ring,' is how judge Brandon Ferry, Hilbert, described his grand and senior champion of the Red & White Show during the inaugural Wisconsin Dairy Showcase 2016, featuring Black and Whites, Red and Whites and for the first time, Jerseys.

Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET, a 5-year-old fresh nine months from Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna, awed both the judge and crowd on Friday, April 22, at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison. The next day in the Black & White Holstein show, Tequila, last year's grand champion of the International Red & White Holstein Show at World Dairy Expo, made her presence known once again, where she was also crowned champion (See related story).

'She is so angular for being fresh since August,' commented Ferry. 'She's so extreme and massive in her frame with a beautiful head carriage. She's quality and so angular for being fresh so long.'

The reserve senior and grand champion among the 38 cows shown was the winning 4-year-old, Stranshome Simply-Red-ET, brought out by Peter & Lyn Vail and Budjon Farms, Lomira. 'This 4-year-old is only fresh 4 weeks and she has a gorgeous, gorgeous udder – she just needs a little more time,' Ferry stated.

Tapped for Champion Bred and Owned of the show was the second-place 4-year-old, Rosedale Perfect-In-Red-ET, from Rosedale Genetics Ltd., Oxford. Tallying the most points for Premier Breeder and Exhibitor was Milk Source Genetics. The Premier Sire was Miss Apple Absolute Red-ET.

Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph, brought out the intermediate champion with their senior 3-year-old, MM-T Pockets Butycol-Red-ET. Following for reserve was the winning junior 2 from Milk Source Genetics, MS AOL Cntndr Rookie-Red-ET. 'This senior 3 walks on a gorgeous set of feet and legs and has a beautiful mammary system.' He continued, 'This junior 2 has a bright future – she's extreme in her frame with a beautiful mammary system.'

In the Red & White junior show, Arnie, Ashley & Andy Gruenes, Richmond, walked away with grand champion honors with their first-place 125,000-pound cow, Cleland Advent Korie-Red. Alan Kruse, Dyersville, IA, was congratulated for bringing out the reserve senior and grand champion, with Paulinn PSC Meme 919-Red-ET, a 4-year-old. 'I love the mammary system and balance on this production cow,' said Ferry.

Of the 46 heifers shown, the two best heifers in the open show were Siemers About Greta-Red-ET, the winning spring yearling from Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor and Lauren Siemers, Newton, who also dominated the junior show, followed by Golden-Oaks All That As-Red, exhibited by Golden Oaks Farm, Wauconda, IL. 'This is the type of heifer I like; she's clean cut with a lot of openness. She demands your attention with that tall, massive frame,' Ferry said. Reserve junior champion of junior show was awarded to Jacob Harbaugh, Marion, and his winter yearling, Forest-Ridge A Mopsy-Red-ET. The champion bred & owned of the junior show was a spring yearling, Booth-Haven Lady-In-Red-ET, bred by Cole, Ava & Campbell Booth.


The top placings in each class, followed by the top two juniors were as follows:

Winter Calf (8 shown) – Schluter Stella Lee-Red-ET, Legendholm Holsteins & T&L Cattle Co., Fithian, IL; Duckett Okal Letty-Red-ET, Mike & Julie Duckett, Rudolph; Gildale A-Jack Truffle-Red, Nicole Wright, Watertown; Milksource DT Amazon-Red-ET, Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia.

Fall Calf (8) – Brook-Corner Deft Tango-Red, Austin Schmitt, Cascade; Koebele Barbwire Glory-Red, Robby Koebele, Teutotolis, IL (also 1st jr); 2nd jr – Cleland Defiant Kailene-Red, Cole, Ava, Campbell & Royce Booth, Plymouth.

Summer Yearling (10) – Golden-Oaks All That As-Red, Golden Oaks Farm, Waconda, IL; Cow-Palace Apple Trixie-Red, San-Ron Holsteins, Sheboygan; Ourway Absolute Rose-Red, Hailey Raymond; L-Shot Armani Rockstar-Red, Kasey Lois, Burlington.

Spring Yearling (11) – Siemers About Greta-Red-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor and Lauren Siemers, Newton; Milksource Dft Lexus-Red-ET, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna; Golden-Rose Bwire Cloud-Red, Dawson & Kylie Nickels, Fond du Lac; Booth-Haven Lady In-Red-T, Cole, Ava & Campbell Booth, Plymouth.

Winter Yearling (4) – Milksource Dnt Talia-Red-ET, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna; Forest-Ridge A Mopsy-Red-ET, J, L & M Harbaugh, A & A Loehr, Marion (also 1st jr); 2nd jr - Lyn-Vale Cherry Wine-Red-ET, Cole, Ava, Campbell & Royce Booth, Plymouth.

Fall Yearling (4) – Milksource Wire Racket-Red, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna; Intense Absolute Twitty-Red-ET, Dawson & Kylie Nickels, Watertown (also 1st jr).

Junior Best Three (1) – Milksource Genetics, Kaukauna.

Junior 2 (2) – MS AOL Cntndr Rookie-Red-ET, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna; KNH-Endres Lance Fresca-Red, Tyler, Cole & Mikayla Endres (also 1st jr).

Senior 2 (8) – West Coast Absolute Roulette, Triple Crown Genetics, Josh Wright, Volker, Hovden, Maynard, IA; Siemers Dfnt J-Star-Red-ET, Crystal, Jordan, Josh, Jake, Connor and Lauren Siemers, Newton; Golden-Oaks Absolute-Red-ET, Molly & Montana Sarbacker, Belleville; Lookout Fancy-Red-ET, Chase & Jayln Warren, Burlington.

Junior 3 (4) – Miss Apple Aria-Red-ET, Connor Erbsen, Lanark, IL; St-Yle-Sa Springtime-Red, Stephanie Aves, Belmont.

Senior 3 (6) – MM-T Pockets Butycol-Red-ET, Mike & Julie Duckett. Rudolph; Milksource Redburst Alma-Red, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna.

4-year-old (8) – Stranshome Simply-Red-ET, Peter & Lyn Vail & Budjon Farms, Lomira; Rosedale Perfect I-Red-ET, Rosedale Genetics, Ltd., Oxford; Paulinn PSC Meme 919-Red-ET, Alan Kruse, Dyersville, IA; Ourway Redliner Spots-Red, Hailey Raymond, Brooklyn.

5-year-old (3) – Strans-Jen-D Tequila-Red-ET, Milk Source LLC, Kaukauna; Probert C Bree-Ella-Red, Kate Smith, Watrtown.

Aged Cow (3) – Hilrose Advent Anna-Red-ET, Joe Brantmeier, Sherwood; Cleland Absolute Coleen-Red, Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, Owatonna, MN; Miss Real Hot-Red, Grady & Lane Wendorf, Ixonia.

125,000-pound class (3) – Cleland Advent Korie-Red, Arnie, Ashley & Andy Gruenes, Richmond (also 1st jr); Jen-D Devil Tiffany-Red, Reid Stransky & Jeni Dingbaum, Owatonna, MN.

Best Three Females (1) – Cleland.

Dam & Offspring (1) – Stranshome, Owatonna, MN.