Jerseys make debut

Carla Gunst
Now Media Group


Jerseys made their debut at the Alliant Energy Center, Madison, during the Wisconsin Dairy Showcase 2016, April 22-23, formerly known as the Midwest National Spring Show, which formerly only featured a Black and White and Red and White Holstein Show.

Judge Paul Trapp sorted through nearly 80 head before tapping his grand and intermediate champion, Edgebrook Tequila Madison-ET, the winning senior 3-year-old owned by Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna. He commented, 'She makes the hair on my neck stand up. She's fresh just 5 weeks with an incredible udder to match her incredible frame. She has an extremely bright future ahead of her.'

Reserve grand champion and senior champion came from the production class – Random Luck Ray Helen, exhibited by Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, Lomira.The same trio also brought out the reserve senior champion, EK-RR Tequila Variety-ET, the winning 4-year-old, which Trapp noted had loads of balance and style.

Capturing reserve intermediate champion was a junior 3-year-old co-owned with Cybil Fisher and Patty Jones, Avonlea, ON, Random-Luck T Ray Aruba-ET. Premier Breeder of the show was Discovery Genetics, Lisa Demmer, Ellendale MN; Premier Exhibitor went to Milk Source Genetics.

The Champion bred and owned winner, Kilgus Governor Maid, hailed from the 5-year-old class for Kilgus Dairy, Fairbury, IL.

'You never get a bad look at this calf; she represents the Jersey breed well,' is what judge Trapp had to say about his junior champion, Lost-Elm Tequila Petunia, bred and owned by Jason Luttrop, Berlin. Olivia and Collin Pfaff, Alma Center, and their first-place spring yearling, Pfaffsway Imp Graciuos Choice-ET, were tapped for reserve junior champion.

A six-year-old Jersey, Boddens Rosland, was recognized as grand and senior champion of the junior show for Ben Buske, Brownsville. Reserve grand and senior champion was awarded to Mitchell Schiecher, Rio, and his 4-year-old, Over-Dose Stowe Marlori. 'This aged cow makes an extremely good champion. She's had 5 calves and has such a beautiful udder,' Trapp said.

Trapp selected a senior 2-year-old, Electras Evolution-ET, shown by Noah Bilz, Dorchester, for intermediate champion of the junior show and a senior-3-year-old, Marynole-VY G Mamie-ET, shown by Arnie, Ashley and Andy Gruenes, Richmond, MN, for reserve intermediate champion.

Two summer yearlings found themselves in the winner's circle for junior champion honors. Smokin Hot Gunman Anansi took the junior champion award for Austin Nauman, Norwalk. Jenna Broege, Janesville, got the nod for reserve junior champion with Gil-Bar Impression Parker. In his reasons Trapp stated, 'This summer yearling has loads of style and loads of potential and the second-place summer yearling follows her nicely.'


The top 2 Jerseys in both of open and junior shows were as follows:

Winter Heifer (4 shown) – Stranshome Verbatim Ruby, Joe & Reid Stransky, Owatonna, MN (also 1st jr); Edgebrook Gentry Stilletto, Amber Black & Steinridge, Montour, IA; 2nd jr – Gil-Bar Jagger Lady Gaga, Jenna Broege, Janesville.

Fall Heifer (5) – Lost-Elm Tequila Petunia, Jason Luttropp, Berlin; Do-N-Joy California Chrome, Tony Kohls & Jason Steinlage, Arlington, MN.

Summer Yearling (9) – Smokin Hot Lightning Strikes, Austin Nauman, Norwalk; Smokin Hot Gunman Anansi, Austin Nauman (also 1st jr); 2nd jr – Gil-Bar Impression Parker, Jenna Broege, Janesville.

Spring yearling (8) – Pfaffsway Imp Gracious Choice-ET, Olivia & Collin Pfaff, Alma Center; Discoverys Tequila Emerald-ETS, Lisa Demmer, Ellendale, MN; Pfaffsway Impression Full of G, Olivia & Collin Pfaff; Ratliff Impression Vanna-ET, Thayne, Bradin & Caylee Bjelland, Gillett.

Winter Yearling (5) – Lost-Elm Tequilla Jade, Jason Luttropp, Berlin; Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna; Partee-HPDH Velo Laffy Taffy-ET, Emma Olstad, Stoughton.

Fall Yearling (8) – Partee-HPDH Lovestruck-ET, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna; Charlyn Tequila Ember, Matt Linehan, Meredith Bowers, Robb Hart, NY; Charlyn K Spark, Thayne, Bradin & Caylee Bjelland, Gillett.

Junior Best Three (1) – Partee-HPDH, Ken & Kathy Elliott, Marshall.

Junior 2 (6) – Budjon-Vail Tequila Gabanna-ET, Budjon Farms & Vail, Lomira; Fredestel Tequila Wendy, Gil-Bar Farm, Janesville; Smokin Hot Light the Lamp, Austin Nauman, Monroe.

Senior 2 (6) – Homeridge H G Honey, Budjon Farms, P Vail & FD Borba, Lomira; Budjon-Vail Tequila Glossy-ET, Andrew Stuewe, Hamburg, MN; Electras Evolution-ET, Noah Bilz, Dorchester.

Junior 3 (2) – Randon Luck T Ray Aruba-ET, Cybil Fisher & Patty Jones, Avonlea, ON; Discoverys Tequila Eclipse-ET, Kevin Krejci & Lisa Demmer, Elledale, MN.

Senior 3 (5) – Edgebrook Tequila Madison-ET, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna; GM Sandhill Tequilla Racer, Milk Source Genetics, Kaukauna; Marynole-VY Mamie-ET, Arnie, Ashley & Andy Gruenes, Richmond, MN.

4-year-old (4) – EK-RR Tequila Variety-ET, Budjon Farm, P Vail & FD Borba & Milk Source, Lomira; Cloverfield TEQ Toonzani, Brent Moyer, Caro, MI; Over-Dose Stowe Marlori, Mitchell Schiecher, Rio.

5-year-old (2) – Kilgus Governor Maid, Kilgus Dairy & Carla Kilgus, Fairbury, IL; Mi Wil HG Granola, Kimberly Grewe, Cumberland.

Aged Cow (3) – Boddens Rosland, Ben Buske, Brownsville (also 1st jr); Peninsula Kaught Mallory, Brent Moyer-Brenhaven Jerseys, LLC.

Production Cows (1) – Random Luck Ray Helen, Budjon Farms, Peter Vail and Frank & Diane Borba and Frank & Carol Borba, Lomira.