Early start urged for EQIP funding

Ray Mueller
Now Media Group


Landowners who hope to secure funding through the federal Environmental Quality Incentive Program should start now to plan for any projects that they want to carry out in 2017.

That's the advice from Sheboygan County Natural Resources Conservation Service director Mike Patin to anyone who's planning to graze livestock or to undertake investments designed to protect the natural resources.

To current or potential graziers in particular, Patin suggested planning before carrying out any construction or related activities that might involve fencing, installation of water lines, or crop seeding. He noted that new funding will be available starting on Sept. 2 for seeding that would occur in the spring of 2017.

Two changes in the funding methods have occurred in recent years, he said. The federal allocations are now provided on a multiple county basis within which work groups decide on portioning for various types of qualified projects and set reimbursement rates have been set compared to the 75 percent average that EQIP provided in the past for fencing, water lines and grass establishment.

Details on EQIP and related federally funded resource conservation programs are available at county NRCS offices.