June Dairy Month: A good time to test your dairy knowledge

Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin
Every June, communities across the state come together for a month-long celebration of Wisconsin’s dairy industry.

Every June, communities across the state come together for a month-long celebration of Wisconsin’s dairy industry and the hardworking farmers who produce high-quality, award-winning dairy products.

This year is no exception. Wisconsin celebrates this national holiday bigger than anywhere with many opportunities for Wisconsinites to show pride for our state’s dairy heritage.

Test your Wisconsin dairy knowledge with these trivia questions. Answers are listed at the bottom.

1. It takes how many pounds of milk to make one pound of Wisconsin cheese? 

a. 1; b. 5; c. 10; d. 20

2. How much does the average cow weigh?

a. 700 pounds; b. 1,400 pounds; c. 2,000 pounds; d. 500 pounds

3. Wisconsin dairy generates how many different careers, both on- and off- the farm?

a. 300; b. 5; c. 10,000; d. 550

4. How much milk does the average Wisconsin dairy cow produce each day?

a. 2 gallons; b. 5 gallons; c. 10 gallons; d. 7.6 gallons

Roughly one-third of Wisconsin cheese production goes to mozzarella cheese.

5. How many different types, varieties and styles of cheese are crafted in Wisconsin?

a. 50; b. 75; c. 250; d. 600

6. The first June Dairy Breakfast occurred in what year:

a. 1970; b. 1980; c. 1990; d. 2015

7. What percentage of Wisconsin dairy farms are family owned?

a. 1%; b. 20%; c. 95%; d. 100%

8. What kind of cow has black and white spots?

a. Jersey; b. Angus; c. Brown Swiss; d. Holstein

9. What is a baby cow called?

a. cow; b. calf; c. steer; d. bull

A Holstein calf enjoys a bed of fresh straw.

10. If Wisconsin was listed by itself (not grouped with the other U.S. states), where would it rank in world cheese production?

a. 4th; b. 8th; c. 12th; d. 15th

11. Roughly one-third of Wisconsin’s cheese production goes to what Italian-style cheese?

a. asiago; b. mozzarella; c. parmesan; d. burrata

12. Cows drink quite a bit of water every day. That’s the same as:

a. a full bathtub; b. 400-800 glasses; c. 50 gallons; d. all of the above

13. How many stomachs does a cow have?

a. 1 (4 compartments); b. 2; c. 4; d. 6

14. How many essential vitamins and nutrients are found in milk? 

a. 20; b. 9; c. 13; d. 1

Answers:1: c; 2: b; 3: a; 4: d; 5: d; 6: a; 7: c; 8: d; 9: b; 10: a; 11: b; 12: d; 13: a; 14: b (Calcium, Protein, Phosphorus, Riboflavin, Pantothenic Acid, Vitamin D, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Niacin.)