Cow's milk hard to digest, researcher says goat milk may be for you

Prairie View A&M University
Digestibility factor between cow and goat milk may be in the size of fat globules.

PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas — Having a glass of milk for many people doesn’t seem like a daunting task. For individuals whose bodies digest milk differently, the excitement of enjoying dairy products is very short-lived. A Cooperative Agricultural Research Center scientist is doing his part to make sure everyone is able to have dairy options that are easy to digest and is better for overall health.

Dr. Rahmat Attaie is familiar with the ways cow milk had adverse effects on some people during the digestion process which usually causes some discomfort and gas. Protein allergies or lactose intolerance are the usual suspected causes of that discomfort, but his new developments in the research on goat milk show how this could be the change people need.

His research studied the size of fat globules and its distribution in goat milk and bovine milk, finding the difference in the proteins between the two, and how it can be better absorbed into the body. The main finding of his research concludes that goat milk fat globules are approximately 4.655 microns while bovine fat globules are 8.335 microns.

“Smaller globule sizes have more surface area exposed. Because of a larger surface area on smaller particles, they are disintegrated into smaller pieces by enzymes in the stomach which make it easier for the body to absorb it during digestion,” shares Attaie. These findings help fuel his theory of goat dairy being a better option than cow dairy.

His research also resulted in identifying that goat milk has more medium and short chain fatty acids than cow milk, which researchers theorize effect the way bodies break down fats in the milk because short chain triglycerides are better for the body. The negative effects of long-chain triglycerides offer include high blood pressure, clogged arteries, and high cholesterol – all factors that could lead to heart attack or stroke.

Researcher says his findings help fuel his theory of goat dairy being a better option than cow dairy for some people with dairy digestibility problems.

Nutristrength is an online health blog which provides readers with recipes, health brands, and food benefits. In a recent blog titled “Why Do I Struggle to Digest Protein,” Attaie’s research was highlighted and served as the basis for the blog’s content. He expressed great excitement about the brand trusting his work and sharing his research.

“In using our basic research to praise goat milk versus cow milk to make their products marketable, I’m very excited. I’m glad my research is being used somewhere. In the world of research, we’re always trying to uncover the mysteries of food,” said Attaie.

Attaie tends to focus his research on ways humans can have a better quality of life and get away from depending on medicine in situations we are able to prevent. He looks forward to continuing to do great research and helping to find better food options that are beneficial to the human body.