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Dairy Cares Surpasses $1 Million Goal on Behalf of Children's Hospital of WI

Dairy Cares
Dairy Cares

DEPERE - After raising more than $1 million for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin (CHW) over the last eight years, the simulation lab at the renowned medical center will be named in honor of the Dairy Cares organization.

The dairy community gathered for the annual Dairy Cares garden party on July 28 in De Pere, Wis., with the goal of supporting the Milwaukee-based hospital that provides medical services to all ages with 40 locations around the state. That dream became a reality as generous sponsors contributed $200,000 this year to bring the combined lifetime gift to $1,047,000.

“At the core of Dairy Cares are Wisconsin dairy farm families and the businesses that support our way of life,” explains Jim Ostrom, dairyman and co-founder of the non-profit organization. “We could not be more proud to give back on behalf of the dairy community in such a generous way to the Children’s Hospital.”

The dairy community’s good deeds have not gone unnoticed. In a surprise presentation, the president of the CHW Foundation, Meg Nelson, announced Dairy Cares will now have a visible presence at the hospital.

Lori Olson shares a smile with Troy Rockman, who gave a moving testimonial about how Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin repaired a hole in his heart at the July 28 Garden Party.

“We are so humbled at CHW by this eight-year partnership and we know there are many years to come, so in honor of the Dairy Cares committee, we would like to name our simulation lab the ‘Dairy Cares Simulation Lab,’” Nelson proclaimed to the crowd of more than 400 supporters.

The simulation lab helps doctors and nurses practice and prepare for worst-case scenarios in an experiential learning space.

“It is a great honor for our sponsors and supporters to know that the Dairy Cares name will be proudly displayed in such a prominent way at Children’s Hospital,” Ostrom adds. “But, most importantly, every dollar we raise will be dedicated to providing the highest level of care and comfort to children during times of trauma.”

How to give

The Garden Party is over, but you can still can still help. Making your gift to Dairy Cares is easy. To give online, visit For more information on becoming a Dairy Cares sponsor, visit