Trisha Wagner is the new Farm Management Outreach Program manager and transitioned into her new role on July 1, 2018.

While Wagner will serve the entire state, her office will be located in the Black River Falls area, said Sara Walling, Agriculture Institute Director for UW-Extension.

Wagner served as the agriculture educator for over 10 years in Jackson County. and worked on a wide range of topics from agricultural plastic recycling, fruit production, dairy and livestock production, and farm management.

Karen Thayer, county board supervisor and chair of the Extension Committee said that Wagner did an excellent job of building positive relationships with farmers and delivering high quality programs.

“We will miss her on our local UW-Extension team,” said Thayer.

Walling highlighted the work that Wagner has done for the last several years related to farm management that made her an ideal candidate.

“She worked with specialists, educators, and partners to develop programs on records analysis, budgeting, marketing, farm succession, and on-farm human resource management. Most recently she served as a co-author, facilitator, and instructor for the UW-Extension Human Resources Management curriculum,” Walling said.

Pat Malone, Area Extension Director for Jackson County, described this as a priority position in the new UW-Extension model.

“Agriculture is a critical part of Wisconsin’s economy, and it is hurting. Farmers need access to education and research on strategies to manage their operations effectively during these challenging times.”

In her new role as the Farm Management Program Area Manager, Wagner will be a resource for educators by coordinating and supporting farm management education designed to meet the needs of producer groups, including Wisconsin’s beginning and socially disadvantaged farmers.

Wagner will also work with colleagues to develop programming designed to help state agricultural producers meet the challenges they face today and those they will be facing in the future.

"Her role will also devote time to strengthening our relationships with association, industry and educational partners by listening to their needs, communicating the research and educational programs generated by UW-Extension, and leveraging outside resources," Walling added.  

Wagner can be contacted at 715-284- 4257 or via e-mail at


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