State quarantines deer, elk farm after CWD positives

Associated Press
A 15-year-old whitetail doe and a 2-year-old elk cow on two separate Wisconsin farms tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

MADISON - Wisconsin State officials have quarantined a Dane County deer farm and a Richland County elk farm after animals on both properties tested positive for chronic wasting disease.

The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) announced the quarantines on Friday, June 1. The agency said in a news release that the National Veterinary Laboratory confirmed Thursday that a 15-year-old whitetail doe and a 2-year-old elk cow tested positive.

The 10-acre Dane County deer farm has six whitetail deer that have been registered with DATCP since 2003. The farm has been double-fenced since 2009. Since 2010, the farm has had 20 deer sampled for CWD.

Since March, the 20-acre Richland County elk farm has had 11 elk and there have been no elk purchases or sales on the farm in the past five years. Since 2007, the farm has had 25 elk sampled for CWD.

DATCP did not say where the farms were specifically located or how the animals may have contracted the disease. DATCP media officials didn't immediately reply to emails.

CWD is a fatal, neurological disease of deer, elk, and moose caused by an infectious protein that affects the animal’s brain. Testing for CWD can only be performed after the deer’s death. For more information about CWD visit DATCP’s website