Alice in Dairyland finals host counties needed

Wisconsin State Farmer
Six top candidates for the 71st Alice in Dairyland were announced at a March 14 press conference at Heartland Farms in Adams County, a key step in the selection of Wisconsin’s next “agricultural ambassador.” Joining reigning Alice in Dairyland Crystal Siemers-Peterman (center) are (from left) Kaitlyn Riley, Sydney Endres, Megan Schulte, Kristen Broege, Alexus Grossbier and Jacqueline Hilliard.

MADISON – Organizations interested in promoting their county’s agriculture industry are encouraged to consider serving as a host county for the Alice in Dairyland Finals in an upcoming year.

Each year, a different county hosts a series of Alice in Dairyland Finals events leading up to the selection of the next Alice in Dairyland. The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection currently is accepting bids from counties to host Alice Finals in the following years: 2020 (73rd Alice in Dairyland), 2021 (74th Alice in Dairyland) and 2022 (75th Alice in Dairyland). Proposals are due by June 18, 2018.

Local economic development organizations and agriculture promotional organizations are encouraged to consider this opportunity to welcome to their county visitors and media professionals from around the state. The planning process begins at least a year in advance, including scheduling Alice in Dairyland to attend events in the county monthly to promote the finals and learn more about the impact of agriculture on that county. In mid-March, the host county holds a press conference to officially announce the top candidates for the next Alice in Dairyland.

The hosting process culminates in a three-day Finals event in which the new Alice is selected. During these three days, top candidates tour agribusinesses, give interviews with local media, hold a discussion panel for the public, and finish with the Finale event in which a new Alice is selected. The discussion panel and Finale events are open to the public as ticketed events and include opportunities to showcase local businesses, agri-tourism and other county highlights.

Adams County is serving as the host county for this year’s 71st Alice in Dairyland Finals. The host county for the 72nd Alice Finals will be announced later this month.

“Hosting the 71st Alice in Dairyland Finals has been a great experience for Adams County,” said Tori Babcock, co-chair, Adams County Alice in Dairyland Committee. “The county has come together to not only promote agricultural opportunities, but to work together to showcase a number of unique features. The committee also was excited to work with groups generally not associated with agricultural, such as our Historical Society and the Friends of the Roche-A-Cri State Park.”

Babcock added, “Our monthly events, where we worked closely with 70th Alice in Dairyland Crystal Siemers-Peterman, provided the county with the opportunity to get to know Crystal, as well as highlight agriculture and adventure opportunities here in Adams County.  My recommendation for any county ‘thinking’ of becoming a host county is to just do it! The partnerships that are developed between your committees, your sponsors and event hosts are connections that will exist to further promote agriculture in future years.”

Alice in Dairyland is a communications professional employed by the DATCP. After a lengthy public job interview involving as many as six finalists, each Alice works for one year to educate the public about Wisconsin agriculture.

Learn more or download an RFP at or by contacting Alice in Dairyland Program Director, Ti Gauger at 608-224-5115 or