VIROQUA - About 90 Jersey breeders from around the state attended the Wisconsin Jersey Breeders Association (WJBA) and Wisconsin Junior Jersey Breeders Association (WJJBA) annual meetings on March 3, in Viroqua.  

New business at the meeting included the election of two directors at large. Newly elected director at large is Alana Peterson, of Viroqua, and elected to a second term as director at large is Abby Tauchen, of Bonduel.

WJJBA awards and WJBA Production awards were presented along with the crowning of the 2018 Wisconsin Jersey Queen, Crystal Noble.    

WJJBA recognition

  • Wisconsin Junior Jersey Breeder of the year recipient is Austin Nauman.  
  • First place winner of the Wisconsin Jersey Senior Youth Award is Emma Olstad and second place, Samantha Schuessler.  
  • Emma Olstad and Samantha Schuessler are also the Wisconsin nominees for the National Jersey Youth Achievement Contest.  
  • Four WJJBA senior youth, Allison Foster, Emma Olstad, Kalan Randall, and Samantha Schuessler were selected as the recipients for the WJBA Scholarships.  
  • Jaylinn Artac was the first place and Jarrett Foster was the second place winner of the WJJBA Intermediate Award.  
  • The first place WJJBA Junior Award recipient, Drew Sander, takes home the Jersey calf donated by Patrick and Larry Sullivan of Sullivan Jerseys, Viroqua.  
  • The second place WJJBA Junior award recipient, Andrew Cornell, received a calf halter in memory of Lois Haeuser.  
  • Colin Wussow received the Patty Endres Memorial Award.  
  • Kaila Wussow’s cow, Lawtons Visionary Future, received the Rainbow Dairy LLC High Protein Award sponsored by the Rainbow Dairy LLC – Jody Cornell Family.  
  • This year there were five youth, Alleah Anderson, Emma Anderson, Allison Foster, Austin Nauman, and Collin Wussow receiving funds from the Youth Cost-Sharing Program for youth attending out-of-state Jersey activities.  
  • Three youth participated in the Badger Treasure Contest. These youth purchased calves in the 2015 WJBA Badger Treasure Calf Sale and then submitted the cow’s first lactation record to compete in the contest.  
  • First place went to, Connor Busse’s Jazzy Vinnie 6012 with a ME Cheese of 2752; second place was Charlie Tauchen’s All Lynns Nitro Edith with a ME Cheese of 2562; and the third place recipient was Hannah Koehn’s Orthridge Reno Surf with a ME Cheese of 2031.  
  • WJJBA officers for 2018 are President, Colin Wussow; Vice President, Sophie Larson; and Secretary, Sammy Allen. 

WJBA Production awards

David Allen, Reedsburg, had the WJBA 2017 Top GJPI Cow, Oaklane Chisel Della 2130-ET.  

Wisconsin Jersey Parish Awards for Milk, Fat, and Protein:  

  • Parish 1, Wirkus Jerseys, Athens;  
  • Parish 2, Kessenich Jerseys LLC, DeForest;
  • Parish 3, All Lynns Jerseys – David Allen, Reedsburg;
  • Parish 4, Trescher Jerseys, Cashton;
  • Parish 5, Woodmohr Jerseys, Bloomer;
  • Parish 6, Owens Farms, Inc., Frederic;
  • Parish 7, Milk-n-More Farms, Cecil, for pounds of milk and fat;
  • Parish 7, Tauchen Harmony Valley, Bonduel for protein;  
  • Parish 8, D & D Jerseys, Newton. 2017 WJBA Leading Living Lifetime for fat and protein is Dodan Lauren Abe Laurel, D & D Jerseys, Newton.  

K & K Fanatic Love received the 2017 WJBA Leading Living Lifetime for pounds of milk, Lost-Elm Jerseys, Jason Luttropp, Berlin.  

All Lynns Jerseys – Tommy Allen and Samantha Allen, Reedsburg received the Most Improved Milk and Protein Awards.  

2017 WJBA High Milk and Protein Herd Award winner is D & D Jerseys, Newton.  2017 WJBA High Fat Award winner is Woodmohr Jerseys, Bloomer.  

K & K Impact Olga, Lost-Elm Jerseys, Jason Luttropp, Berlin, took the honors for the 2017 WJBA Current Milk, Protein and Cheese Yield Cow Awards.  

Killians Region Queenie-P, Killians Jerseys, Blair was the recipient of the 2017 WJBA Current Fat Record Cow Award in memory of Merlin Haeuser. 

WJBA Senior Breeder of the Year, Gordon Barlass of Janesville, WJBA Distinguished Service Award recipient is Walter Owens of Frederic, and Wisconsin Jersey Woman of the Year is Donna Phillips of Newton.   

2018 WJBA Board of Directors 

  • Parish 1, Wayne Artac, Vice President, Greenwood;
  • Parish 2, Hayden Kyle, Elkhorn;
  • Parish 3 and WJJBA Advisor, Debbie Ashmore, Boscobel;
  • Parish 4, Rob Klinkner, Viroqua;
  • Parish 5, Paul Pettis, Osseo;
  • Parish 6, Linda Owens, Frederic;
  • Parish 7, Rodney Hodgson, Shawano;
  • Parish 8, Donna Phillips, Newton; and directors at large, Abby Tauchen, Bonduel;
  • Brian Barlass, President, Janesville;
  • Gerry Laufenberg, Mount Horeb; 
  • Alana Peterson, Viroqua, WJBA Secretary 
  • Treasure is Joyce Owens, Frederic.   

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