Building careers and leaders through FFA

Hailey Schoenherr

COLUMBUS - The National FFA Organization promotes career success and leadership development through two areas, Career Development Events (CDE) and Leadership Development Events (LDE).

Columbus FFA officers with State FFA Sentinel Sam Jesse at the FFA Fall Open House.  Pictured (from left) Abbygail Hayes, Steven Taylor, Hailey Schoenherr, Sam Jesse, Lacey Schleicher, Kyle Paulson, and Garret Baerwolf.

These programs help grow leaders in the local FFA chapter, which is why Columbus FFA encourages students to participate in these two areas.  The students that compete in CDEs and LDEs develop skills that will make them successful in school and their future careers.  

This year the Columbus FFA has participated in the district level Leadership Development Event (LDE). Laconia FFA hosted this contest. We had 12 students participate in multiple events. Six students participated in the parliamentary procedure contest, which they were awarded second place. This contest requires a team of students to conduct a meeting following Robert's Rules of Order.

 Two students competed in the Creed speaking competition. This contest requires students to recite the entire FFA creed from memory. Corrina Larson was awarded first place in this competition and Kyle Killian placed fifth.

Colin Damm participated in the Employability Skills competition and the prepared speaking contest. Colin placed second in both of these contests and he will be moving on to sectionals.

Middle school FFA members participated in the quiz bowl contest, in this contest participants were quizzed on FFA information. Kyle Paulson participated in the Discussion Meet contest and placed second.  This competition requires the FFA members to carry on a discussion about a current agricultural topic.  The individual that is the best acting chair in the discussion wins. The parliamentary procedure team, Kyle Paulson, Corrina Larson and Colin Damm will be advancing to the sectional competition in March.

This upcoming spring the Columbus FFA members will also be participating in Career Development Events (CDE).  This year we have two dairy evaluation teams. The senior team consists of Abbygail Hayes, Hailey Schoenherr, Garret Baerwolf and Emma Paulson. The junior team consists of Colby Miller, Bailey Rather, Kyle Killian and Will Kessenich.

In addition, this year we will be have three new teams that are going to try CDE competition. The new teams include an equine team, wildlife team and veterinary science team.

The equine evaluation team consisting of: Amanda Dunbar, Kathryn Witzel, Sara Witzel, Kayla Hunt and Kaiya Garibay-Flores. The wildlife team includes Noah Fettig and Spencer Austin.  The Veterinary Science team includes Victoria Zenefski, Dalynn Sturz, Grace Dynes and Rhianna VanLoo.

The Ag sales team will also be competing again this year, this team consists of Colin Damm, Sydney Moore, Kyle Paulson and Corrina Larson. The Columbus FFA would like to thank their coaches Tom Schulz for the dairy team and Carrie Hunt for the equine team for their time and commitment to helping the FFA members be successful.  The regional competition is to be held on March 22 and it is hosted at the University of Platteville.

Hailey Schoenherr is the Reporter for the Columbus FFA Chapter