Rainy, cold weather impedes harvest progress

Colleen Kottke
Editor/Wisconsin State Farmer

Rain, rain go away was the mantra for many farmers last week as cold, rain and overcast conditions was the overriding theme in last week’s weather forecast.

The corn harvest resumed again this week after rain showers moved out of the state earlier this week.

As a result, fieldwork moved slowly the northern Wisconsin received snow on several days, ranging from snow flurries to several inches of accumulation in some areas. Florence and Forest county reported receiving 4 inches of snow, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service Wisconsin Crop Progress & Condition report.

With nearly all of the state’s corn crop rated as being mature, the corn harvest plodded forward, with corn harvested for grain at 37 percent complete. Reporters noted that standing grain moistures were high in both the corn and soybeans, and that many producers were waiting for grain moistures to drop before combining, especially in the northern part of the state. The harvest is running two weeks behind average.

“Growers are struggling to harvest soybeans with grain moisture up to 18 percent for some. Some soybeans may be headed to grain dryers,” said the Barron County reporter. “Corn grain moisture reported anywhere from 19 to 30 percent and all is going through dryers.”

In Chippewa County, the reporter noted that almost all soybeans were harvested with yields ranging from 30 to 60 bushels per acre, depending on soil moisture during the growing season.

The soybean harvest is a week behind schedule, with harvest reported at 86 percent complete.