Dairy group opposes move away from license plate slogan

Wisconsin State Farmer
Would slogans like "Forward" be more appropriate than the current logo "America's Dairyland" on the state's license plates?

MADISON - A nonprofit group supporting Wisconsin's dairy industry objects to a move to replace the slogan on state license plates.

The Dairy Business Association has sent a letter to all members of the state Legislature in response to a bill proposed by Rep. Scott Allen that would do away with the "America's Dairyland" slogan. Allen says Wisconsin's economy has changed from agriculture to bioengineering and high-tech manufacturing and its license plate should reflect who we are, not who we were.

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Association president Mike North argues that it doesn't make sense to back away from the brand the state has established. He says more than a century has been spent, along with a lot of money and effort, to establish that brand.

“We have a brand. It is viewed positively by the overwhelming majority of people. We have spent more than a century and a lot effort and money to create this brand. It does not make sense to back away from it," said North. "At a minimum, we should be quietly thankful. Even better, we should do more to strengthen our brand. Therefore, at a minimum, we ask that you oppose this proposed legislation. Even better, let’s get creative with what the Legislature can do to further strengthen our strong and dynamic dairy community.”

Allen is seeking sponsors for his bill.