Cover crops field day set for Oct. 12 in Spooner

Kevin Schoessow

SPOONER - A cover crops field day will be held from 10 a.m. til noon, Thursday, Oct. 12, at the Spooner Agriculture Research Station located east of Spooner on Highway 70.

Tillage radish cover crop at Spooner Ag Research Station.

The field day will highlight various cover crops that were planted in early September following spring wheat harvest. Cover crops planted include oats, winter rye, crimson clover and tillage radish.

The field day will allow participants to see first-hand the various cover crops and cover crop mixes that were planted in production fields and smaller research plot plantings.  Different seeding rates and establishment techniques will also be highlighted.

Cover cropping is the new ‘buzzword’ these days in the farming community, and recent surveys show that more and more farmers are embracing cover crops as a legitimate way to improve soil health and profits.

Successful and cost effective establishment of cover crops is essential and can be especially challenging in NW Wisconsin. This field day will give farmers and others interested in cover crops an opportunity to see these crops in action.

In addition to the cover crops participants can also learn more about some of the other crop research that is being conducted at the Spooner Agriculture Research Station including organic soybean no-till planted into crimped and rolled winter rye, white mold research on food grade soybean varieties, and a look at our corn and soybean variety trials.

The field day discussion and tour will be co-led by Phil Holman, Agronomy Researcher and Superintendent of the Spooner Ag Research Station and by Kevin Schoessow, UW-Extension Area Agriculture Development educator.  There is no cost to attend.  For more information contact the either Phil or Kevin at the Spooner Agriculture Research Station at 715-635-3735.