Grant, Manitowoc county teams excel at 4-H judging contest State 4-H Livestock Contest

Wisconsin State Farmer
Earning first place in the senior division at the State 4-H Livestock Judging contest held July 24 in Lodi was the Manitowoc team (from left) coach Rob Ash, Megan Greif, Vanessa Roberts and Ambrose Wiering.

LODI -  Judging teams from Grant County and Manitowoc County showed their mettle during the State 4-H Livestock Judging contest held July 24 at the Lodi Agricultural Fairgrounds in Lodi, WI.

This annual venue allows the top junior and senior county 4-H Livestock judging teams the opportunity to apply their skills in evaluating beef, swine, sheep and meat goat classes in hopes of qualifying for a national livestock judging event this fall.

The Grant County junior and Manitowoc County senior teams both topped a field of 10 teams in their respective divisions.

The contest consisted of evaluating classes of market and breeding beef, market and breeding swine, market and breeding sheep, as well as answer questions and deliver sets of oral reasons. These teams qualified for the state contest by being top teams at the district Area Animal Science Days that were held around the state in June.

The top two teams in the Senior Division will go on to represent Wisconsin at a National Judging Contest this fall. Joining Manitowoc at the national event in the senior division will be the Juneau County team.

The Manitowoc County team includes: Vanessa Roberts, Ambrose Wiering and Megan Greif and is coached by Rob Ash. Rounding out the top five finishes are: Juneau County, second; Waukesha County, third; Marathon County, fourth; and Iowa County, fifth.

The top ten senior individual judges: Vanessa Roberts, Manitowoc, 1;Daniel Walsh, Juneau, 2: Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha, 3: Dillin Meier, Grant, 4: Mason Roscizewski, Waukesha, 5;Clayton Walsh, Juneau, 6. Kailen Smerchek, Marathon, 7: Caden Nicolaus, Sheboygan, 8: Brandon Springer, Iowa, 9; and Ambrose Wiering, Manitowoc, 10.

The top reasons team was Manitowoc County comprised of  Roberts, Wiering, and Greif. The top five reasons individuals were: Roberts, Manitowoc, Daniel Walsh, Juneau County, Kailen Smerchek, Marathon, Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha, Mason Roscizewski, Waukesha.

The top beef was Juneau County; top sheep team was Marathon County and top swine team was Juneau County.

Earning first place in the junior division at the State 4-H Livestock Judging contest held July 24 in Lodi was the Grant County team (from left) Brendan Jentz, Gavin Esser, Jessica Patterson, and Avery Crooks.

The top junior team from Grant County includes Gavin Esser, Jessica Patterson, Brendan Jentz and Avery Crooks. They are coached by Dennis Patterson.

Other teams finishing in Top Five were: Iowa County, second; Columbia County, third: Iowa County #2, fourth and Sheboygan County, fifth.

The top ten junior individual judges: Esser, Grant County, 1; Emma Steffes, Iowa County, 2: Joey Robinson, Iowa County, 3; Samantha Rake, Columbia County, 4: Patterson, Grant County, 5: Cora Capatske, Pierce County, 6: Jentz, Grant County, 7: Cameron Patterson, Iowa County, 8: Cora Kohlman, Sheboygan County, 9: and Ty Sheets, Manitowoc County, 10.

The top beef, swine and sheep teams went to Grant County. Top Reasons individual for juniors went to Samantha Rake, Columbia County and top reasons team for the junior division went to Grant County.