Forestville ready to ticket overweight trucks

Peter J. Devlin

As part of his community's monthly meeting this week, Forestville Town Chairman Roy Englebert conducted a citation-writing class for his fellow supervisors.


“It took as a year-and-a-half to get this far,” Englebert said, noting the board adopted several ordinances earlier this year aimed at preventing town roads from being damaged by overweight trucks.

One of the new town laws imposed Wisconsin statutes “Class B” weight restrictions on lightly built town roads that trucks had been traveling to deliver manure to farm fields.

By posting signs on East Elm Road between State 42 and County O; Rosewood Road from Carnot Road and to County S: and both Gaede Road and Old Krueger Road northward from the Door-Kewaunee County line, total vehicle weight on all axles can't exceed 48,000 pounds, or 24 tons.

“Our experience,” the town chairman said, “is they (weight limit violators) are running at 10 o'clock at night.”

Overweight trucks found using those roads can now be stopped, Englebert said, and the drivers issued citations totaling $767.50, as authorized in one of the new town regulations adopted in March.

Englebert said supervisors should have a sheriff's deputy or a State Patrol officer making the stops. However, he told supervisors Larry Huber and Jason Tlachac they would need to write the citations.

The State Patrol now has a portable scale in the area that can be set up to weigh a tractor-trailer, Englebert said. In addition, town officials also have permission to use an automated scale west of Maplewood — at Jerseyland Dairy, a farm owned by the family of Town Treasurer Dena Schmidt.

In passing out citation books Tuesday, Englebert said, “I hope we never have to use this book.”