Consumers speak, LaClare Family Creamery listens

Wisconsin State Farmer
Packaged goat cheese from the LaClare Creamery has a new look, with the new label communicating to consumers that LaClare uses local milk, from well-cared-for goats, is family run and their cheeses are award-winning.

MALONE - Family run goat operation, LaClare Family Creamery rolled out its new consumer friendly packaging and extended product line with consumer feedback in mind.

According to Gourmet News Associate Editor Dave Bernard, while consumers came for the flavor and bright white, clean appearance of goat cheese, they stayed for the health benefits.

"Goat dairy products often work for those with lactose intolerance, and they contain a different saturated fat composition from that found in cow’s milk. And it’s also
higher in calcium, vitamin A and often protein. Some varieties contain just a third of the fat and calories of cow’s milk cheese. goat cheese got a hoof in the door, and to grow the category, Bernard added.

Local, regional and national consumers have discovered the health benefits (ease of digestion) and unique taste of goat cheese, and now liberally use it in everything from salads to pizzas.

LaClare listened to what customers had to say and responded by adding Goat Feta, Goat Mozzarella along with other specialty goat cheeses to their award winning portfolio.

Eager to meet consumer demand and needs, LaClare Family Creamery is adding to its portfolio of award-winning cheeses including its U.S. Cheese Championship-winning Evalon.

The additions to LaClare’s full line of goat products allowed for a rebrand of LaClare Family Creamery. The Hedrich family says it was a process of collaboration and thoughtfulness, with one goal in mind, be authentic, and communicate to customers that LaClare Family Creamery is much more than just a goat farm

The new look, with traditional values, features an unmistakably friendly goat. The label colors selected are the rich and inviting hues of the LaClare Farm Café & Retail Shoppe in Malone, WI.

The gold seal is a nod to the countless awards that the creamery has won over the years and the pride felt in being a Wisconsin based diary.

The LaClare Creamery icon system was created to clearly communicate to consumers that LaClare uses local milk, from well-cared-for goats, is family run and their cheeses are celebrated, having won multiple awards.

True farmstead operation

The Hedrich family stresses that it's important that customers and retailers understand that LaClare is a ‘true’ farmstead operation, with a foundation that is rooted in artistry, family values and hard work.

"The rise of goat cheese involves a confluence of factors, from consumer hunger for more healthful foods to the desire for local and artisan products, a taste-adventurous Millennial-generation consumer group along with increasingly knowledgeable and flavor-seeking consumers in all categories, to the goat dairy industry’s dedication of more resources to education," Bernard added.

LaClare Family Creamery believes that their hard work and artistry has contributed to this rise in goat cheese popularity, and they can’t wait to continue to elevating goat cheese for years to come.