MADISON – Both the numbers of maple tree taps and gallons of maple syrup produced in Wisconsin this spring were down compared to 2016, according to a recent report by the state's field office of the National Agricultural Statistics Service.

With the year's taps being reduced by 30,000 to a total of 735,000, the year's production dropped to 200,000 gallons compared to 235,000 gallons a year ago. The average volume per tap .272 gallon, down from .307 gallon in 2016.

The state's maple syrup producers reported that the season began on February 6 and ended on April 30 – 1 day earlier and 8 days later respectively than in 2016. The season average of 29 days for producers was the same as in 2016.

Vermont continued to dominate in the national production of maple syrup with 1.98 million gallons this spring. This was 46 percent of the nation's total of 4.271 million gallons – up by 64,000 gallons from 2016.

New York continued to be the second leading producer with 760,000 gallons, followed by Maine with 709,000 gallons. Despite its production setback, Wisconsin stood fourth among the states for maple syrup production this year.

Led the by top production states, the number of taps increased by nearly 800,000 to a new total of 13.341 million. The average production per tap was .32 gallon compared to .335 gallon in 2016.

The recent report also noted that Wisconsin's maple syrup producers received an average of $33.50 per gallon on their sales in 2016 – up by 40 cents from 2015 – for a total value of $7.873 million. The national average price in 2016 was $35 per gallon compared to $36.70 in 2015.

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