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The Booms are constant presence at horse fair

Charlene Boom
Charlene Boom sits atop REd Buck Barcee at the Midwest Horse Fair.

Picking up programs for the 2017 Midwest Horse Fair at Farm and Fleet in LaCrosse makes me reflect on the 17 exciting years that we have been involved in the Horse Patrol, Stallion Avenue year and one of the biggest and best established horse fairs in the United Srates.

This year's program Midwest Horse Fair Wonder Horses is designed to entertain, educate, inspire and raise appreciation of every attendee, from the absolute beginner to professional horseman/ woman.

There are scheduled events from  8 a.m. until late at night with the PRCA Rodeo and the Epic Night of the Horse, which is designed to find the most talented horse act from a large pool of equestrians. The days are also filled with educational seminars given by interesting presenters.

Rodney and I brought two stallions to Stallion Avenue from 2000 to 2003. At that time we visted with members of the Horse Patrol who direct and guide visitors at the show to the parking, arena,or coliseum that they are seeking. All visiting patrons should look for horseman wearing orange vests that are stationed in many high traffic areas

In the last several years we went back to Stallion Avenue in order to present our stallions to people interested in buying horses or breeding mares. At first Rodney and I thought maybe lookers would be more interested in show horses, but we have discovered that our huge travel posters from many of our 52 camping trips are enjoyed by many fair participants.

This year we will have three AQHA stallions CR Smokes Midnight, Red Buck Barcee and CR Baron Bee Buck, a young Palomino stallion owned by Tim Roelefson of Stephenville, TX. Tim will be joining us at CR Quarter Horses and Dalmatians for 8 months in 2017

Tim is a very talented 23 year old farrier and trainer who wants to finish horses for rodeo and AQHA competing. We are excited about Tim helping us as we are in our seventies.   Rodney says 'When I am on my horse, I feel 22 years of age, but when I dismount I know am 72.' We have raised 6 to 15 foals here since 1977, but we really just want to be able to ride more while we can. One really great thing about going to Arizona every