Corn, soybean, hay stocks up in Wisconsin facilities

Ray Mueller, Correspondent

Madison — Compared to a year earlier, the volumes of corn, soybeans, and hay stored in on-farm and off-farm facilities in Wisconsin were higher on Dec. 1, 2016, while the stored supply of oats was down.

Corn led the way with 443.702 million bushels in storage: 255 million bushels on farms and 188.702 million bushels at off-farm facilities such as elevators, feed mills, warehouses, processors and terminals. This was an 8 percent increase on those holdings from a year earlier, although the reported disappearance of 202 million bushels for September through November quarter of 2016 was a 35-percent increase from the 150 million bushels of a year earlier.

In the United States, the nearly 12.384 billion bushels of corn in storage on December 1 was 10 percent more than a year earlier. Of that total, 7.611 billion bushels were held on farms and nearly 4.773 billion bushels were in off-farm facilities.

Record soybean stocks

The total of 67.142 million bushels of soybeans in storage in Wisconsin is a record high, according to the report by the National Agricultural Statistics Service and its Wisconsin field office. That's a 6 percent increase from the total on Dec. 1, 2015, even after the September to November 2016 disappearance of 45.8 million bushels — up by 26 percent from that quarter in 2015.

Of the soybeans in storage in Wisconsin, 20.5 million bushels were held on farms. The remaining 46.642 million bushels were in off-farm facilities.

Across the United States, the 2.895 billion bushels of soybeans in storage on Dec. 1 was a 7 percent increase from a year earlier. Off-farm facilities held 1.5605 billion bushels.

Small grains data

Following production setbacks in 2016, the stocks of oats in both Wisconsin and the United were down sharply from those Dec. 1, 2015.

In Wisconsin, the total of 2.8 million bushels of oats stored on farms was only 60 percent of the 4.7 million bushels on Dec. 1, 2015. No volume of off-farm storage of oats was reported for Wisconsin for Dec. 1, 2016. A year earlier, that total was 8.711 million bushels.

For the United States, the 75.732 million bushels of oats in storage was a 9 percent decrease from the total a year earlier. Off-farm facilities held 45.102 million of those bushels.

Wheat storage was reported for only off-farm facilities in Wisconsin. The total of 38.386 million bushels was an increase of 16 percent from the volume on Dec. 1, 2015. The national total of nearly 2.0273 billion bushels was 19 percent more than the volume a year earlier.

Hay storage up 10 percent

The report for Dec. 1 credited Wisconsin with an estimated 3.2 million tons of dry hay in storage. This is an increase of 10 percent from the 2.9 million tons a year earlier.

For the May through November 2016 period, the reported disappearance of dry hay in the state was 1.54 million tons. This was down from the 1.9 million tons for those seven months in 2015.

The 95.837 million tons of dry hay in storage on Dec. 1 in the United States was up by 1 percent from a year earlier. The disappearance of 64.1 million tons during May through November of 2016 was up by 100,000 tons for those months in 2015.