Rural Mutual FTD "Elite Sustaining Sponsor"

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Rural Mutual Insurance is an 'Elite Sustaining Sponsor' of the 2016-18 Farm Technology Days, the most innovative agricultural show in the state.

'We're honored to be part of this rich state tradition,' said Peter Pelizza, Chief Executive Officer of Rural Mutual Insurance in a news release. 'We recognize the importance of this unique event, which brings together forward-thinking farmers and celebrates innovation in the agriculture industry.'

Farm Tech Days, which will take place this year at Snudden Farms in Walworth County from July 19-21, showcases the latest improvements in production agriculture. In recent years, event turnout has exceeded 35,000 people, showing our state's profound dedication to continually improve Wisconsin farming.

As an integral sponsor of the event, Rural Mutual Insurance will drive home valuable messages about the protection its insurance products and services provide to Wisconsin families, as well as the importance of farm safety.

'We've been protecting farms across the state for more than 82 years, so we know how critical it is to protect the families and children in our farming communities,' said Pelizza. 'We look forward to interacting with our state's valued farmers and encouraging important safety precautions.'

Throughout the three-day event, attendees can stop by the Rural Mutual Insurance and Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation Safety Zone Tent on Rural Mutual Insurance Street to experience several fun activities for the entire family. Many of these activities will educate visitors about the importance of insurance and farm safety.

For example, visitors can participate in demonstrations such as the 'Distracted Driving Simulator,' which exhibits the danger of operating a vehicle when unfocused, as well as an ID Risk Compass, which assesses exposure to identity theft.

In addition, attendees can sign up to win one of five rebate coupons — up to $300 — toward a Rollover Protection Structure on their tractors. Those interested can also enter online at

Rural Mutual Insurance is also sponsoring the 'Rural Mutual Insurance Family Living Tent,' which will offer live music, family fun and presentations about unique aspects of Wisconsin agriculture. On all three days of the event, Rural Mutual Insurance will host a presentation in this tent called Up, Up and Away to introduce children to the principle of air. Hot air balloons, vortex generators, and even a hovercraft will help the audience understand how air pressure affects the world – especially farms.