Wisconsin strawberry season is here!

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Fields all over Wisconsin are starting to turn red with fresh, juicy, delicious, homegrown strawberries.

Strawberry season is only here for a short two to three weeks during the month of June and early July. The start of the season varies from farm to farm depending on a number of factors. Some factors may include the varieties that are grown, the location of the farm in the state, and of course the weather.

Because of these factors, your local grower might be just starting to see ripe berries, and other growers might already be at the market. Now is the time to take advantage of this short berry season.

Wisconsin Berry Growers Association suggests experiencing it for yourself by taking a trip with family and friends to a local farm and pick your own fresh strawberries right out of the field. If you prefer to skip the experience and get straight to the berry, many growers also offer pre-picked berries available for pick up on the farm or at your local farmers' markets.

Growers comment that 'It's a good idea to contact the farm before making the trip to ensure that they are open and have berries available.'

For a list of Wisconsin Berry Growers Association members, check us out online at and click on 'Where to Pick'. Enter your city and state or zip code and locate a grower near you.

Our member listings include a berry update, if available, as well as links to member websites and facebook pages with current information on the condition of the fields and berry availability.

We encourage you to contact a Local WBGA member who can address additional questions in regards to strawberries, crop conditions, and the berry season in your area and we hope you enjoy your Wisconsin grown strawberries.