WI Jersey breeders honored

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The spotlight was cast on several Jersey breeders during the annual meetings of the Wisconsin Jersey Breeders Association and the Wisconsin Junior Jersey Breeders Association on March 5.

Bill Maness, WI Jersey history book research coordinator, gave an update on the progress of the book, Jerseys in American's Dairyland-A Rich History & Bright Future, scheduled to debut at the 2017 WJBA Annual Meeting. Current Wisconsin farmers with Jerseys, retired Wisconsin Jersey breeders as well as Wisconsin farmers new to the Jersey breed, are encourage to submit your Jersey information by Oct. 10 to be included in this book. For more information about this project, contact Bill Maness, 608-822-5447 or billm@jerseyorigins.com.

Election of officers

Joe Stanek, Reedsburg, was elected for a second 2-year term as a WJBA Director-at-Large along with Abby Tauchen, Bonduel, who will begin her 2-year term.

2016 WJBA Board members are President/Director-at-Large, Brian Barlass, Janesville, WJBA Vice President/Director-at-Large, Don Mielke, Menasha, and representing Parish 1 — Wayne Artac, Greenwood; Parish 2 —— Hayden Kyle, Elkhorn; Parish 3 — WJJBA Advisor, Debbie Ashmore, Boscobel; Parish 4 — Rob Klinkner, Viroqua; Parish 5 — Lisa Pettis, Osseo; Parish 6 —— Linda Owens, Frederic; Parish 7 — Rodney Hodgson, Shawano; Parish 8 — Donna Phillips, Newton; and WJBA Secretary/Treasurer, Joyce Owens, Frederic.

Special honors

During the annual meeting, special honors were presented to the following individuals. Robin Krueger Kessenich of DeForest, was named the 2015 WJBA Jersey Woman of the Year, while John Selin of Viroqua, was tapped as the 2015 WJBA Senior Jersey Breeder of the Year.

Kaila Wussow was named the 2015 Jr. Jersey Breeder while the 2015 WJBA Distinguished Service Award went to Chris Sorenson, of Pine River.

Also recognized during the event were incoming royality 2016 WI Jersey Queen Kaila Wussow and 2016 WI Jersey Princess Allison Foster. Kaitlin Artac is the outgoing 2015 WI Jersey Queen.

WJBA Awards

2015 Wisconsin High Milk Herd —David Allen and Tim Ryan, Parish 3, Reedsburg; 76 Cows – 24,118 Milk, 1,119 fat, 850 Protein.

2015 Wisconsin High Fat Herd —Woodmohr Jerseys, Parish 5, Bloomer; 43 Cows – 20,298, 1,208 fat, 775 Protein.

2015 Wisconsin High Protein Herd —David Allen and Tim Ryan, Parish 3, Reedsburg; 76 Cows – 24,118 Milk, 1,119 fat, 850 Protein.

2015 Wisconsin's Most Improved Herd for Milk Production — Stephan Jerseys, Parish 2, Elkhorn; +3,442Pounds of Milk.

2015 Wisconsin's Most Improved Herd for Protein Production — Stephan Jerseys, Parish 2, Elkhorn; +128Pounds of Protein.

2015 Wisconsin Current Milk Record Cow —GR Seacord Farm Gannon Mallory (3); 4-06 35,6404.5 1,588 3.4 1,208 4173C

David Allen, Parish 3, Reedsburg.

2015 Wisconsin Current Fat Record Cow —Budjon-Vail-Sloan Georgianna, 6-09 35,500 5.8 2,474 3.6 1,270 4391C, Robin Krueger, Parish 2, DeForest.

2015 Wisconsin Current Protein Record Cow — Budjon-Vail-Sloan Georgianna

2015 Wisconsin Current Cheese Yield Record Cow — Budjon-Vail-Sloan Georgianna

2015 Top WJBA Genomic Jersey Performace Index Cow — GJPI 211 - All Lynns Dimension Venetta-ET, David Allen, Reedsburg.

2015 WJBA Leading Living Lifetime Production for Milk, Fat & Protein —MJ Candy DC Godiva - Woodmohr Jerseys – Bloomer; 5,857 D 284,637M 15,027F 11,096P

Parish Production Winners

Parish 1 for Milk, Fat & Protein, Wirkus Jerseys – Athens; Parish 2for Milk & Protein, Gerald Laufenberg - Mt. Horb; Parish 2 for Fat, Kessenich Farms LLC – DeForest; Parish 3 for Milk, Fat & Protein, DavidbAllen/Tim Ryan – Reedsburg; Parish 4, Sullivan Jerseys – Viroqua; Parish 6for Milk, Fat & Protein, Owens Farms, Inc. Frederic; Parish 7 for Milk, Fat & Protein, Tauchen Harmony Valley – Bonduel; and Parish 8 for Milk, Fat & Protein, D & D

Youth Awards

Senior Youth Awards, Age 16 to 20

First Place– Plaque, $250 Cash, and compete in the National Junior Youth Achievement Contest, Kaila Wussow, Cecil.

Second Place -$150 Cash Award: Allison Foster, Portage.

National Nominee(s) — Kaila Wussow, Cecil; Allison , Portage.

Scholarship Winners — Allison Foster, Portage, WI; Ashley Oberreich ,Plymouth; Julia Owens, Frederic, WI; Kaila Wussow ,Cecil.

Intermediate Youth Awards, Age 12 to 15

First Place- $100 Cash Award: Holly Oberreich, Plymouth.

Second Place- $75 Cash Award: Whitney Weisensel,Waunakee.

Junior Youth Awards, Age 11 and Younger

Jersey Calf Winner:Alane Artac, Greenwood. Calf Donated by Kessenich Farms, LLC.

Lois Haeuser Memorial Award: Willow Oehmichen, Abbotsford. Winner of this award receives a show halter in Memory of Lois Haeuser.

Patti Endres Memorial Award: Kaila Wussow, Cecil.

Rainbow Dairy LLC High Protein Award: India Tauchen,– Bonduel. GR THVI All Star Bonnie 7924 {5}2-09 23,400M 5.7% 1339F 4.2% 972P 3x

Youth Cost-Sharing Program:Alleah Anderson, Cumberland; Ashley Oberreich, Plymouth;

Holly Oberreich, Plymouth; Janelle Remingtion, Juneau; Kal Randall, Soldiers Grove.