Livestock owners need to renew premises registration by July 31

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Livestock owners will soon receive materials in the mail to renew their premises registration by July 31 in accordance with Wisconsin's mandatory requirements, according to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).

'Any premises that keeps livestock, even if it's just one chicken in the backyard, is required to register their premise to aid us in managing a disease outbreak if that becomes necessary,' said Dr. Paul McGraw, Wisconsin State Veterinarian of DATCP's Division of Animal Health.

Registration and renewal are free and can be done online for convenience. Anyone required to register or renew their current registration can do so online at or by calling the Wisconsin Livestock Identification Consortium (WLIC) at 888-808-1910. WLIC is the contracted agent that manages the database on behalf of the state of Wisconsin and helps to ensure confidentiality of the information.

Premises registration data has proven to be a valuable asset during past disease outbreaks. The information contained in the database allows responders to contact animal owners within a control zone to arrange testing of their animals to ensure there has been no disease transmission. As a result, the outbreaks were more efficiently managed and contained.

'Having the premises registration information keeps us from having to spend time going door to door to locate the animals in question and allows us to direct our attention toward containing the disease,' McGraw said.

Only one exception exists for premises registration. Individuals with a sincerely held religious belief opposing registration of a premises can seek an exemption.

The individual must complete an application, including name, address and type of species being kept, and an affidavit, signed before a notary public, requesting the exemption and providing the name and contact information for an authorized representative of the religion who can verify the religion's opposition to registration. This form is available from or by calling 608-224-4872.

For background information about premises registration or more detailed instruction about how to renew your registration, visit their website at