World Dairy Expo announces partnership

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World Dairy Expo announced its partnership withDairy Starto publish Expo's on-site newspaper, Expo Daily Edition, for the 2016 show.

Dairy Star caters exclusively to dairy farmers with the slogan "All dairy all the time." With a main office in Minnesota, Dairy Stardelivers its semi-monthly newspaper to more than 16,000 readers throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota and regions of Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

"The Dairy Star is excited and honored to work with the World Dairy Expo staff for the 50th World Dairy Expo," said Mark Klaphake, Dairy Star editor. "Journaling the daily happenings of the world's greatest dairy show is an incredible opportunity and one the Dairy Star will enjoy."

An Expo tradition since its first publication in 2003, the Expo Daily Editionprovides timely news, results, stories and daily photos to Expo-goers each day of the show, and online year-round at Expo Daily Editionis published Sunday through Saturday of the show, with more than 30,000 copies distributed throughout the grounds each year.

"It's our goal to work cohesively with the World Dairy Expo staff to provide interesting and unique features with dairy producers and industry professionals from around the world," said Klaphake. "We plan to couple that with top-notch photos and interesting profiles for both the Expo Daily Edition, as well as online. From happenings in the New Holland Pavilions and awards handed out in the Showring to the Expo Seminars and trade show exhibits, we hope to cover all aspects of this great dairy gathering."