Woodland owners forums scheduled

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Landowners needing to make decisions concerning their wooded property are invited to attend a series of Woodland Owner Forums to be held at the Spooner Agricultural Research Station.

The meeting are scheduled from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Thursday evenings Feb. 18 through March 17. The meeting site is located at W6646 highway 70, Spooner, WI. The forums are free and no registration is required. The forums will conclude with a afternoon session from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 19 about passing your land on to the next generation — family succession and estate planning.

Most woodland owners don't know where to turn for advice for important decisions like timber sales, forest management or estate planning, John Haack, UW- Extension Natural Resource Educator.

'These forums are an opportunity to learn about your options, meet local forestry professionals in person, and learn from the experience of other woodland owners,' Haack said.

Session Topics and Dates

Feb. 18 — Oak Wilt, Ash borer and other pests in your woodlands. Woodland owner and Paul Cigan, WDNR Forest Entomologist. A healthy woodland provides many benefits. Is yours healthy? Learn about new forest pests, and the challenges and options for landowners.

Feb. 25 — MFL (Managed Forest Law) Is it for you? Woodland owner and Kirby Dernovsek, WDNR Forester Ranger. Learn the advantages and obligations to this forest tax incentive program. If you already enrolled this is a great refresher. If you are considering MFL – learn the basics and have some of your questions answered. A brief summary on other funding options for forest practices for your woodlands will be covered as well.

March 3 — How to Invite Wildlife to your Woodland Woodland owner and Chris Burke, Futurewood Forester. Learn to enhance your woodlands to attract a variety of wildlife. This session identifies the four requirements to attracting wildlife to your land: space, water, food and shelter, as well as how you can manage your woods to improve the wildlife potential.

March 10 — Timber sale tips for woodland owners - Woodland owner and Jeff Groeschl, Groeschl Forestry Consulting. Learn the ins and outs of selling your timber. Penny wise and dollar foolish, an often used phrase with the do-it- yourself timber sale approach - experienced foresters can help guide this process with positive outcomes for you, your land and perhaps your pocket book too.

March 17 — Success Takes Planning: Get the Most from Your Woodlands. Woodland owner and Renae Essenmacher, WDNR. A well-managed woodland begins with a well thought out plan. This workshop will take you through the beginning steps of forest management. Start by considering what is important to you, learn about the factors that influence your property's potential, and what resources will be needed to make your vision a reality.

March 19 — Estate and Succession Planning for Woodland Owners. Susan Sharp- Miley, Attorney At Law & Kris Tiles, UW-Extension. This session will focus on ways to maintain family ties to the land from generation to generation, building awareness of key challenges facing family forest ownership, and motivating families to address those challenges. You will also learn about the legal tools that can help you implement your family estate plan. This workshop is a mix of presentations and practical exercises to help families develop techniques needed to address these issues.

Coffee and refreshments provided at the Thursday forums. No registration is required for the Thursday evening sessions. However, an RSVP is required for the March 19 Estate and Succession planning session.

For more information or to RSVP for March 19, contact Haack at 715- 635-7406 or john.haack@ces.uwex.edu.