Wisconsin 4-H programs awarded $280,000

Wisconsin 4-H Foundation
Pictured are Wisconsin 4-Hers at Youth Conference.

The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation has awarded more than $280,000 to support 55 Wisconsin 4-H programs. By partnering with individuals, corporations and foundations, the Foundation provides essential funding for 4-H programming including support 4-H leadership, youth development and community-building activities throughout the state.

 “In the last five years, we’ve been able to nearly triple our funding. We are striving to continue this trend,” shares Brenda Scheider, Executive Director for the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation.  “The Foundation has seen tremendous growth and to share $280,000 to support our Wisconsin 4-H youth is beyond remarkable.  This contribution wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors and sponsors, and the guidance and foresight of our Board of Directors.” 

Grants were awarded in the following areas. 

Seventeen grants were awarded for (44% of funding) for leadership programming such as Wisconsin Leadership Council, Wisconsin 4-H Youth Conference, international programs, community/youth partnerships and Citizenship Washington Focus.

Pictured is Leah Witt, Wisconsin 4-H Leadership Council.

Four grants (21% of funding) were provided for opportunities for youth to become involved in 4-H.

Nineteen grants (16% of funding) went for agriculture-related programs like Area Animal Science Days, judging contests, horse and dog leader development, quality assurance programming, digital resource development and horticulture activities.

Six grants (8% of funding) for Arts programming such as ArtBeat!, arts camp, state arts teams and Art Lab.

Five grants (5.5% of funding) for STEM-related programs including Tech Changemakers and Space Camp.

Two grants (3.5% of funding) for Shooting Sports youth programs and adult training programs and two grants (2% of funding) for 4-H camp that provide camping experiences for youth who otherwise could not afford to go to camp.

The grants were allocated following a call for applications that resulted in 60 state and regional 4-H program funding requests totaling nearly $375,000.  State 4-H staff prioritized the requests to align with program goals.  Using that information, the Wisconsin 4-H Foundation was able to fund 92% of the grant requests drawing from contributions to the Foundation, as well as Foundation endowment income.

“The Wisconsin 4-H Foundation Board of Directors is proud to provide direct support to the Wisconsin 4-H program,” says Board President Jim Barthel.  “However, our work to identify and secure additional funding will not stop until we are able to fund 100% of the programs needing additional support.”