Four outstanding individuals were honored on April 13 by the Association of Women in Agriculture at the 46th annual AWA Day. Dane County Dairy Promotion Board, Barb Lee and Maureen DeBruin and Kaitlyn Riley were recognized for their contributions to the organization.

Dane County Dairy Promotion Board was recognized with the AWA Honored Guest Award. The AWA Honored Guest Award is presented by AWA student members to this committee for their significant influence on AWA. The Dane County Dairy Promotion Board provides the griddles for the annual AWA Breakfast on the Farm. Without their guidance and support, AWA would not be able to provide a delicious, nutritious breakfast.

AWA Alumnus Barb Lee and Maureen DeBruin were recognized this year for the Friend of AWA award. The Friend of AWA award is recognized by the AWA membership for their dedication to the AWA House remodels. Barb and Maureen have put in countless hours to keep the AWA house safe and updated for AWA members. They are incredible mentors and friends to all AWA alumni and current members.

Kaitlyn Riley is this year’s student Outstanding Alumni. The Outstanding Alumni award by the AWA student membership for being an excellent role model for AWA members. In Kaitlyn’s current role as the 71st Alice in Dairyland, she demonstrates strong poise and integrity. She is honest and sincere with all interactions, relationships and thoughts and offers respect to other people’s values.

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