A great new opportunity is available for farmers to help support the upcoming Farm Technology Days (FTD) show in Jefferson County.

“We understand times are tough and people may not have extra cash to help support this year’s show,” said Patty Dolph with the fundraising committee. “For this exact reason, we’ve partnered with Equity in Johnson Creek and Milwaukee Stockyards in Reeseville. Farmers selling a cull cow, steer, sheep or pig can donate proceeds from the animal to the show. They will be able to specify how many animals or what fraction (quarter or half) of an animal they would like to donate to FTD.”

All food has already been purchased for the show, so the money generated from the sale of these animal(s) will be donated as cash to Jefferson County Farm Technology Days. Farmers that qualify for the various sponsorship levels, based on donation amount, will be recognized accordingly.

To donate, please specify exactly what you’d like to donate when dropping animals off at Equity or Milwaukee Stockyards. If you have questions, please feel free to contact Patty Dolph at 920-988-2425.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) is a non-profit, educational organization that has sponsored an annual event showcasing agriculture and related industries since 1954.

WFTD-Jefferson County takes place July 23-25 and will be hosted at the Walters Grain Farm located in Johnson Creek, Wisconsin.

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