New event for students at Farm Technology Days this year

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days
WFTD Ag Career Day logo

The first-ever Ag Career Day will be hosted at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days (WFTD) on Tuesday, July 23. 

“This event is targeting FFA chapters around the state, students grade 7-12,” said Peter Curran with the fundraising committee. “Students will arrive via buses, called the ‘Cheesehead Express,’ he added.

Once on the grounds, students will go to the Future Generations Center to start the interactive career scavenger hunt, powered by Allflex Livestock Intelligence. Each student will be wearing a lanyard that holds a cow RFID tag. Students will then be given a clue sheet leading them through 12 stops in tent city where they will need to scan their RFID tag with an Allflex wand.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days Cheesehead express.

Upon completion of the 12 stops, students will return to the Future Generations Center to write thank you notes, sponsored by Culver’s Thank You Farmers Project, and will be eligible for prizes.

To participate in Ag Career Day, students grade 7-12 must register online or with their FFA or SkillsUSA Chapter. The trips will be FFA Chapter sponsored events and be provided free transportation, a free Ag Career Day t-shirt and free admission to the show. Students will need to bring cash to purchase food and beverages.

For more information, contact Peter Curran at 608.658.4452 or