MADISON – Registration is now open for the Center for Dairy Research’s (CDR) short course, “Making Consistent, Quality Cheese with Membrane Concentrated Milk.” The three-day course will be held Dec. 11-13 at Babcock Hall in Madison, Wisconsin.

This short course is intended for dairy processors who currently use or are interested in using membrane concentrated milk for cheesemaking. Through hands-on labs and applicable lectures, participants will learn how to handle the unique challenges presented by ultrafiltered (UF) and microfiltered (MF) milk.

Lecture topics include:

• Benchmarking membrane filtration economics across cheese manufacturers.

• Business models from around the globe for use of membrane concentrated milks for cheese manufacture.

• Practical considerations for the proper design of a milk membrane concentration system to feed a cheese manufacturing operation.

• Matching cheese handling equipment and overall cheese operation to handle increased cheese yields generated from membrane concentrated milks.

• An integrated approach for the design and handling of UF and MF concentrated milks for cheese manufacture: Generation, storage, blending, cheese milk standardization, maintaining consistency, and handling of by-products.

• Necessary make procedure changes needed when using UF or MF milk to make consistent, high quality cheese.

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