FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative kicks off fall district member meetings in November

Wisconsin State Farmer
FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative

Members of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative can begin making reservations to attend their fall member district meetings, taking place across the cooperative’s seven-state membership during the month of November.

“We believe strongly in our grassroots as a cooperative. We believe that it's both important and part of our responsibility to provide this opportunity for members to gather together,” says Rettler. “It's also important for members to know what their cooperative is doing for them and the future of their dairy farm.”

Members meetings take place across the Midwest, from the Upper Peninsula to northeast Iowa to South Dakota. Each meeting will include an update on cooperative programs, a legislative update, elections and resolutions in addition to the meal.

Meeting locations can be found at, and are included in the cooperative’s member newsletter. Members must make reservations to attend their district meeting to provide an accurate meal count. Meeting reservations can be made online by visiting or by calling 608-286-1906. Deadlines for making reservations are a week prior to each meeting.

“We look forward to hosting these fall member meetings as it provides a chance for board members and cooperative staff to receive direct feedback from members and to share information on what the cooperative has been working on over the past several months,” says John Rettler, President of FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative. “This is also a great opportunity for members to meet other producers from their district and to discuss industry news and the latest developments on farm policy.”

This is the sixth year for the cooperative’s fall member meetings after being established in January 2013 as FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative.

Source: FarmFirst Dairy Cooperative