CHIPPEWA FALLS – Farmers looking for sustainable and cost-effective practices to apply on their farms can take part in pasture walks happening across the state this summer. Wisconsin Farmers Union is pleased to be partnering with River Country RC&D, Southwest Badger RC&D and Glacierland RC&D to present a full line-up of events highlighting innovative farms and some of the state’s top graziers. 

"Interest in grazing continues to grow as farmers look to be better stewards of the land, increase animal comfort and improve their cost efficiencies,” said Wisconsin Farmers Union Executive Director Tom Quinn. “We’re pleased to be able to join forces with local RC&D groups to give farmers a glimpse on the ‘other side of the fence’ and the chance to get out and see grazing practices in action across Wisconsin.” 

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Upcoming events

Alma Center — July 18, 7:30pm, Prindle Farms, W11245 Prindle Rd., organic pasture management.

Deer Park — July 24, 6:30pm, Cylon Rolling Acres, 1956 240th St., raising meat goats on pasture.

Taylor — Aug. 16, 1-3pm, Nathan Kling Farm, W15503 Kelly Rd., adding acres and organic production.

Wheeler — Aug. 22, 6:30pm, Blue Ox Farm, N11253 St. Rd. 25, restorative grazing with sheep and beef.

Colfax — Aug. 24, 12:30pm, John Richmond Farm, 12454 20th St., farm transition and dairy.

Baldwin — Sept. 15, 3pm, Scott & Marie Belz, 1063 230th St., grazing beef, handling facility and River Country RC&D Annual Picnic.

Holmen — Sept. 22, 1pm, Todd & Tonia Wright, W7091 Gaarder Rd., working with a journeyman graduate.

Gilman — Oct. TBD, Kevin Mahalko Farm, 34717 Highway 64, grazing dairy for grass milk.

Colfax — Nov. TBD, Brad & Melissa Larson, N10688 Cty. M, fall cover crops & how they fit in a grazing operation.

For more details about River Country RC&D walks and to RSVP contact Mary C. Anderson at 715-579-2206 or Kevin Mahalko at 715-314-0338.

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