Nation celebrates backyard chickens with local workshops, celebrations.

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Raising backyard chickens is a fun family activity, teaching children responsibility, biology and the process of food production. Families can learn how to start a flock and expand their chicken-raising knowledge during local Purina® Flock Talk celebrations this spring.

SHOREVIEW, MN – We say chick. You say strong. Whether you’re considering a couple chicks or have enjoyed a backyard flock for years, these are two words you’ll be cheering about this spring at local Purina® Flock Talk events, set for February through May nationwide.

As the name implies, these local celebrations will have backyard flock conversations for everyone. Families considering chickens can learn how-to tips and pick up chicks right in the store. Experienced flock raisers can take part in advanced tracks and information deep dives.

“Anyone who loves animals is invited to attend their local Purina® Flock Talk event,” says Katie Signorelli, backyard flock marketing manager with Purina Animal Nutrition. “Our spring chick events have created excitement for years. This year, we renamed our celebration, and added activities for both beginner and experienced flock raisers. We can’t wait for this poultry party, because who doesn’t love talking chickens?”

Baby chicks require 38 different nutrients to start strong. Learn which Purina® Chick Strong™ System formula is right for your new chicks at your local Purina® Flock Talk event.

Here is what you can expect at a local Purina® Flock Talk:

Expert advice

Local experts will host hands-on workshops and share useful chicken-raising tips for both beginner and experienced flock enthusiasts. Topics include: basics for getting started, raising chickens for eggs, coop tips, creating a feeding program, kids and chickens and much more. Attendees will also receive a free “My first year with chickens” week-by-week flock guide. 

Baby chicks, supplies savings

Many local stores will have baby chicks, ducklings and other birds for families to visit or purchase. Families can order chicks from their local retailer in advance and pick them up during Purina® Flock Talk events. The team will be available to help gather supplies, answer questions and provide Purina® Flock Strong coupon books to help feed your flock as they grow. Some stores may also have chicks to purchase for those unable to preorder.

Family fun

Attendees can enjoy chicken-themed games and contests. Activities planned may include: crowing contests, egg tosses, chicken fashion shows and in-store scavenger hunts.

Backyard flocks are popular across the United States – in both urban and rural communities. They help families raise their own food while providing a fun project to enjoy together. At upcoming Purina® Flock Talk events, families can learn tips on raising chicks and caring for laying hens.

Strong start for chicks

You’ll learn about the 38 nutrients chicks require, which are all included in Purina feeds with the Chick Strong™ System. You’ll pick one complete starter-grower feed for day 1 through week 18 and then one complete layer feed for when the first egg arrives at week 18. 

Nationwide contest

During the Purina® Flock Talk season, a nationwide photo contest will be held on the Purina Poultry Facebook page to find the country’s strongest chick. To enter, simply visit a Purina® Flock Talk event, snap a photo with your new bird/s and enter on Facebook. Entrants will compete to win fun poultry prizes and a year’s supply of chicken feed.