Falcon brings free soil sampling demos to WI week of Sept. 11

Wisconsin State Farmer
Falcon Soil Technologies will be conducting in-the-field demos the week of Sept. 11 in Wisconsin.

MONROE, NC––An automated soil sampler brings live in-the-field demos to qualified customers for free, announced by agricultural company Falcon Soil Technologies.

“As a farmer, it’s important that the last sample taken by the Falcon at the end of the day is the same quality as the first sample of that day,” states Baucom, founder of Falcon Soil Technologies and developer of the Falcon Automated Soil Sampler. “I need soil sampling to be consistent, accurate and precise to manage my inputs and optimize profitability.”  

Driven by quality and profitability, Baucom developed the Falcon.

Operationally, the Falcon Automated Soil Sampler can either be pulled behind a pickup truck, compact tractor, or RTV, which allows the operator to use this implementation on the platform that suits them best. This all-terrain soil sampler increases consistency in soil sample collection since the Falcon’s operator can sit comfortably inside a vehicle, focused on directing the technology, while Falcon does the work. 

Falcon operates between 8 and 12 mph and can collect more than 40 cores every minute, increasing the daily amount of samples by more than 400 percent. This is why Falcon chose to bring the Falcon Automated Soil Sampler to customers, to show the Falcon in action, in customers’ own fields. With its rotating stainless steel drum and soil probe, the Falcon collects consistent cores at uniform depths and distances across differing soil types.

The Falcon is currently available for purchase or lease with two options to choose from: Model 1000, and Model 5000.  Both models include several standard convenience features, such as a remote video camera, so the operator can watch the machine from their driver’s seat, and a rear storage unit to store multiple trays of samples.  The model 5000 includes additional add-ons such as GPS receivers to track specific locations and a barcode reader for easy core labeling and GPS integration. 

Within precision agriculture, technological advancements have allowed for precise variable-rate prescriptions, however, without accurate soil samples prescriptions become less beneficial.  

Dr. Harold F. Reetz Jr, an agronomy professional, claims: “This system [the Falcon] will allow you to increase the number of cores per sample and can be used to produce more samples per field, to get the intensive sampling that will provide the high-resolution soil test data needed for variable-rate precision fertilizer applications.”

Falcon Soil Technologies will be conducting in-the-field demos the week of Sept. 11 to Wisconsin, Indiana, and Illinois.  

Interested customers will need to be qualified before Falcon brings a demo to their field. 

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